a death record for a Bernard McFaul

For anybody that is searching for their McF link

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a death record for a Bernard McFaul

Post by admi »

From:JoAnn Volz <jav8@sisna.com>
Date:Mon, 27 Oct 2003 08:44:55 -0700

When looking at the records for St Mary's RC Chapel in Ahoghill did you
come across the name McFaul - McPhaul - McPhall - McFall? I tried
writing a priest there a few years back, but never did get an answer.

I have a death record for a Bernard McFaul (catholic) that stated he was
born in Ahoghill, County Antrim. He died in 1859 at the age of 51 so
would have been born about 1808.

Any insight you could give me would be appreciated -

JoAnn Volz

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