A little help findig Patrick Andrew McFa___

For anybody that is searching for their McF link

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A little help findig Patrick Andrew McFa___

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Forgive me if I violate any genealogy protocol...I'm new to this. I am looking for information on my grandfather's parents. He was adopted, so we have scant info to this point on my biological great-grandparents. My grandfather's name was Faull (he was adopted by immigrant Italians who insisted he and his brother be allowed to keep their family name). My mother tells me that my grandfather's biological mother's maiden name was Bridget Diamond and that she was married to a Patrick Andrew McFaull. I'm not certain of the original spelling, only that it was originally McFa____. Anyway, to get to my point, I'm wondering if anyone has any info about a Patrick Andrew McFa__ who married a Bridget Diamond.
Bridget eventually made her way over to the US. I don't believe Patrick lived to make the journey as there is no record of him in the Ellis Island ship manifest database. Oh, by the way, my grandfather was born in '04 or '05 in the States, so Bridget would have travelled here before that time which would mean marriage records would most likely be in Ireland. I just don't know what county or Diocese. Anyway, it's probably a shot in the dark, but seeing as I've never known any other families with this surname (and I'm from Chicago, so that probably means it's not a very common Irish name), I thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help out.

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