McKeown and McFaul

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William Longmore

McKeown and McFaul

Post by William Longmore »

I am trying to research my Family of McKeown. They originated in an area called McKeonstown, in the Townland of Kilnacolpagh, in the Parish of Racavan, which is situated between Carnalbanagh and the Braid Sheddings. At a time, Unknown, The family moved into Larne. I will start there. My mother was ROSIE McKeown, she married Joseph William Longmore and had five kids namely Joseph Anthony who married Rosey McCluskey and had Patrick, John, Gerald Sarah and Daniel. Malachy who married Eileen O Toole and had Debra and Delia. Ellen who married and divorced Joseph Hunter and had Josephine,joseph,Samuel and Kelly. Bill (me) who married Rosaleen McMahon and had Liam, Martin, Kevin, Catherine and Siobhan. Margaret who married and divorced an Egyptian Magdi Ahmed and Daliah, Omar, Salmah, and Abdulah.
My mother's sister Madge married Joseph Ramsey and had no children.
Her brother Robert Joseph McKeown joined the RAF during the war and met and married Moira McMahon in England and spent the rest of his life in Welwyn Garden City. Another Brother Gerrard Majela McKeown married and divorced Maisie Pollock from Carncastle. He spent several years in england. He came back home for a while and then died in 1972.
There was another brother called Malachy McKeown, who never married. He worked at the harbour during the war and then in 1948 he emigrated to America to a friend called Capt. Bill Whalen.
Their father was James McKeown who married Ellen McFaul. His brothers were, Tommy 1882, Mary 1884, James my grandad 1888, Dan 1892, Paddy 1894, Robert 1898, Ellen, Johnny. Tommy went to Hebbourn Tyne on weir, married twice and died there. Mary went to the USA. James Married Ellen McFaul. Dan married Kate Sheilds and died 1963. Paddydied at the age of 53. Robert Married Jane McConnell. Ellen went to the USA. Johnny married and lived in belfast
Dan McKeown married Kate Sheilds and had Dan jnr. who married Monica ???. Ellen, Agness, Rose who married Maurice Moroney, and Tommy
Robert McKeown married Jane McConnell and had James Patrick who married Peggy, a Liverpool girl and they are both RIP. Tommy who married Laura and again both are RIP. Ellin, Queenie, Serena who married Frank Conlon, Noleen who married a Dutchman, Robert and Sean.

Their Father was Thomas McKeown a Stonemason who married Rose Quinn from the Glynn Parish
His father was FElix McKeown also a stonemason
The Birth cert for James McKeown born 10-5-1888 shows he was born in St. John's Place. So his Father must have been living there at the time.
In the 1851 census it shows Felix McKeown Stonemason, his wife Mary and all but three of his children were living at Number 10 Blacks Lane.
So can anyone tell me at what time the family moved from McKeonstown into Larne. I would assume that after about three of Felix's children were born, they then moved into the town.
any replies welcomed,
Bill Longmore


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Post by kbwills »

Hi - just an isolated fact about the McKeown family in Larne.

The baptism/birth of my GGfather was witnessed by Daniel and Catherine McKeown. 1833 in St McNissis Larne
The Baptism of his brother was witnessed by Catherine McKeown (called CATY on one of the register entries). 1831 also St McNissis

It might just be possible that the Witness Catherine might also be the same Catherine who was my GGGmother... but I have no evidence other than the birth records.,..

Grateful for any information...


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Re: McKeown and McFaul

Post by Janewilson »

With regard to your reference to Robert Joseph Mckeown who joined the RAF and then spent his later life in Welwyn Garden City - he was my father and he was punching way above his weight when he married my mother whose maiden name was not, as you have stated, Moira McMahon but Moira McGeehan.

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