searching for the surname McFall also McFaull

For anybody that is searching for their McF link

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searching for the surname McFall also McFaull

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Looking for my grandparents William James McFaull born in Bushmills, Dec 20 1883. Grandmother Annie Mary McFaull, nee Douglas Born in Scotland 1892, emmigrated at age 12 to Ireland. They married in 1908 and had 5 children. Cambell born 1909, Ester born 1911, Edward born 1919, Simpson born 1920, William born 1921, and finally Seymour born 1927. They spent some time in Coleraine as some of the children were born there. The family emmigated to Canada 1928 aboard the SS Regina. Upon arrival to Canada appearently the letter u was added to change mcfall to mcfaull. I would appreciate any information, thanks.

Steve McFaull (#1 of 3)

If you are still looking i can put you in touch with my father. His name William James McFaull. He has quite of info from going through old church records on his own history.

Let me know on
Lynley McFaull (#2 of 3)

Hi there, I don't know if there's any connection... would love to know if there is but my name is Lynley McFaull and I live in New Zealand (we are the only McFaulls in New Zealand). My grandfather's name was Samuel McFaull and he came from Glasgow, Scotland. Love to hear from you.

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