Where did the wee man go

For anybody that is willing to share the information on Birth records obtained from offical sources as LDS. PRONI or church. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Where did the wee man go

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Hi there trying to find out where the devil has my gr grandfather gone?
I found him on the 1851 census.His name is Elias Branagh.Born / Townlands Templecormac.Now my problem is i can't find his marriage cert. or when he died.He just seems to have gone poof.into thin air.According to the 1851 census his father was John a tailor and his mother was Margaret.Please Please help before i get any grayer :?

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elias BRANAGH & margaret HORNER

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Record Type Civil Marriage
Date of Marriage 26 Nov 1887
Groom Name elias BRANAGH
Bride Name margaret HORNER
Church Aghalee Church of Ireland
Parish Aghalee
Civil District Lurgan
County Antrim

THIS INFORMATION WAS FOUND ON http://www.emeraldancestors.com


the wee man

Post by nona »

Thank you so much for the prompt reply :lol: Hopefully now i can find some of his children,not sure how many he had. :D What a star you are thank you once again

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