For anybody that is willing to share the information on Birth records obtained from offical sources as LDS. PRONI or church. If need be I will start separate area forums

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I am researching the McNabney family of Ireland. I believe they were from Northern Ireland, that is based upon speculation, no actual proof as of yet. I have a James McNabney born Dec 31, 1779 in Ireland. Married Eleanor "Nellie" Tinsel approx 1800, had at least ten children. Immigrated to US circa 1825. Settled north of Rochester, NY in 1830. Moved to Ohio prior to 1850 and then moved to Northern Indiana between 1850-1860.

I am having a difficult time locating this family in Ireland, although most all references I have found to the name are in Northern Ireland, Ballymena to be specific. Is anyone familiar with this name? There are many who speculate the name was originally McNab and was changed for whatever reason to McNabney. I would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge or history of where this name originated. Thank you!

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