For anybody that is willing to share the information on Birth records obtained from offical sources as LDS. PRONI or church. If need be I will start separate area forums

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I am searching for this individual:

James Leith, born on December 20, 1845.

He had a brother named Hutchison P. Leith who was born in 1850 and a brother named Joseph who was born around 1838. (other siblings unknown, possibly a Hugh but this is not yet confirmed)

Their parent's names were James Leith and Eliza (or Elizabeth) Montgomery. I don't have confirmation on where in particular they resided in Antrim but some sources point to Portglenone and if this is indeed the birth location they were active mostly in the 2nd or 3rd Presbyterian churches there.

As with many surnames Leith has been shown to be spelled in various ways such as Leeth, Leiths, Leath, etc.

I am having a very difficult time locating church records so anything anyone would have would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if any more information is required in order to aid in locating.

Thank you in advance!!
Tim Leith
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