People of the Lough Shore by Dr. David Hume

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People of the Lough Shore by Dr. David Hume

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People of the Lough Shore

This is a book detailing biographies of people from the Magheramorne, Ballycarry, Islandmagee, Whitehead, and Glynn areas who feature in local papers circa 1790 to 1950.

For several years I have been engaged in researching material for a unique local history project. This has involved researching through newspapers from as far back as the 1790s examining columns for mentions of local people from the Larne 'loughshore' area of Ballycarry, Islandmagee, Whitehead, Glynn and Magheramorne. The result has been compilation of several hundred mentions of individuals, some well-known, others not so familiar.

The material which I have gathered has never appeared in one compilation and is not easily accessible. It will hopefully be an invaluable guide to those interested in the local history of the area, and to family historians. The stories surrounding the many individuals who feature provide us with an impressive social history of the area over many generations.

"People of the Lough Shore" will sell for £14.00 when it is released.
The book has 267 pages and over 110,000 words. Only 300 copies of the book are being printed, although they will thereafter be able to be ordered individually by internet publisher Trafford Publishing.

David Hume <>
32 Craigstown Meadow
Co. Antrim,
BT40 3JJ

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