Gravestone Inscriptions - R.S.J. Clarke.

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Gravestone Inscriptions - R.S.J. Clarke.

Post by Christopher » 10 Feb 2009, 20:14

Vol. 1: Belfast. Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation. 1982
Includes: Shankill Graveyard; Belfast, Christ Church; Belfast, St. George's Church

Vol. 2: Belfast. Belfast: Published 1986
Includes: Friar's Bush Graveyard, Miltown Graveyard

Vol. 3: Belfast. Belfast: Published. 1986
Includes: Balmoral Cemetery; Balmoral, Friends' Burial Ground; Malone Presbyterian Church and Graveyard

Vol. 4: Old Belfast Families and the New Burying Ground from Gravestone Inscriptions, with Wills and Biographical Notes, Vol. 4. Published 1991
Includes: The New Burying Ground, Clifton Street

Vol. 5: Co. Down, Baronies of Upper and Lower Castlereagh. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Ballygowan Presbyterian Graveyard; Blaris Graveyard; Comber Graveyard; Comber, Gillespie Monument; Kilcarn Graveyard; Killinchy Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Killysuggan Graveyard; Kilmood Graveyard; Raffrey Graveyard; Raffrey Presbyterian Graveyard; Ravarra Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Tullynakill, Graveyard (Addendum); Drumbo Presbyterian Graveyard (Corrigendum); Holywood Graveyard (Corrigendum); Index to Graveyards, Volumes 1-5; Index to Surnames, Volumes 1-5

Vol. 6: Co. Down, Barony of Dufferin. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Ballymacashen Reformed Presbyterian Graveyard; Killaresy Graveyard; Killinakin Gravestones; Killinchy Presbyterian Graveyard; Killyleagh Old Graveyard*; Killyleagh Church of Ireland Graveyard*, Tullymacnous Gravestone; Dreumbeg Graveyard (Addenda and Corrigenda).

Vol. 7: Co. Down, Barony of Dufferin and Lecale. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Downpatrick Cathedral Graveyard; Downpatrick Church of Ireland Graveyard; Downpatrick Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Downpatrick Presbyterian Graveyard; Downpatrick Roman Catholic Graveyard; Inch Graveyard; Killyleagh Presbyterian Graveyard; Saul Graveyard

Vol. 8: Co. Down, Barony of Dufferin. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Ardglass Graveyard; Ballee Graveyard; Ballee Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Ballycruttle Roman Catholic Graveyard; Ballyculter Graveyard; Bright Graveyard; Dunsfort Graveyard; Dunsfort Roman Catholic Graveyard; Kilclief Graveyard; Kilclief Roman Catholic Graveyard; Killough Graveyard; Old Court Chapel, Strangford; Rossglass Roman Catholic Graveyard; Saul Roman Catholic Graveyard;

Vol. 9: Co. Down, Baronies of Lecale and Kinelarty. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Aghlisnafin Roman Catholic Graveyard; Ballykinler Roman Catholic Graveyard; Ballynahinch First Presbyterian Graveyard; Ballynahinch Second Presbyterian Graveyard; Clough Presbyterian Graveyard; Drumaroad Roman Catholic Graveyard; Kilmegan Graveyard; Loughinisland Graveyard; Magheradroll Graveyard; Magheradroll Church of Ireland Graveyard; Magherahamlet Graveyard; Magherhalmet Presbyterian Graveyard; Rathmullan Graveyard; Seaforde Graveyard

Vol. 10: Co. Down, Barony of Mourne. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Ballymageogh Roman Catholic Graveyard; Ballymartin Roman Catholic Graveyard; Glasdrrumman Roman Catholic Graveyard; Kilhorne Church of Ireland Graveyard; Kilkeel Old Graveyard; Kilkeel Church of Ireland Graveyard; Kilkeel Moravian Graveyard; Mourne Abbey Graveyard; Mourne Presbyterian Graveyard; Tamlaght Graveyard; Index to Graveyards, Volumes 6-10; Index to Surnames, Volumes 6-10

Vol. 11: Co. Down, Barony of Ards. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation.
Includes: Movilla Graveyard, Newtonards; Newtonards Church of Ireland Church; Newtonards Priory Graveyand

Vol. 12: Co. Down, Barony of Ards. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation.
Includes: Ballyblack Presbyterian Graveyard; Gray Abbey Grounds; Grey Abbey Graveyard; Kircubbin Presbyterian Graveyard; Loughinisland Graveyard; (Addenda and Corrigenda); Magheradroll Graveyard (Addenda and Corrigenda)

Vol. 13: Co. Down, Barony of Ards. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Ardkeen Graveyard; Ardkeen Church of Ireland Church; Ardquin Graveyard; Ballycranbeg Roman Catholic Graveyard; Ballygalget Roman Catholic Graveyard; Ballyphilip Graveyard, Portaferry; Ballyphilip Church of Ireland Graveyard; Ballytrustan Graveyard; Lisbane Roman Catholic Graveyard; Portaferry Roman Catholic Graveyard; Breda Graveyard (Addenda and Corrigenda); Comber Graveyard (Corrigendum); Kilmore Graveyard (Corrigenda); Kilmore Church of Ireland Graveyard (Addenda); Knock Graveyard (Addenda)

Vol. 14: Co. Down, Barony of Ards. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Balliggan Graveyard; Ballyhemlin Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Carrowdore Graveyard; Cloghy Presbyterian Graveyard; Inishargy Graveyard; Slanes Graveyard; Templepatrick Graveyard

Vol. 15: Co. Down, Barony of Ards. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Ballyhalbert Graveyard; Ballyhalbert Church of Ireland Graveyard; Glastry Presbyterian Graveyard; Whitechurch Graveyard, Ballywater; Index to Graveyards, Volumes 11-15; Index to Surnames, Volumes 11-15

Vol. 16: Co. Down, Barony of Ards.
Includes: Ballycopeland Presbyterian Graveyard; Copeland Island Graveyard; Donaghadee Graveyard; Millisle Presbyterian Graveyard

Vol. 17: Co. Down, Barony of Ards.
Includes: Balloo House Mausoleum; Ballygilbert Presbyterian Church; Bangor Abbey Graveyard; Bangor Church of Ireland Church; Bangor First Presbyterian Church; Castle Park, Bangor; Clandeboye House; Conlig Presbyterian Church; Groomsport Church of Ireland Church; Groomsport Presbyterian Church

Vol. 18: Co. Down, Barony of Annahilt, Eglantine, Hillsorough, Moria. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Annahilt Graveyard; Annahilt Presbyterian Graveyard; Cargacreevy Presbyterian Graveyard; Eglantine Church of Ireland Graveyard; Gilnahirk Presbyterian Graveyard; Hillsborough Graveyard; Hillsborough Society of Friends Graveyard; Hiilsborough. Hill Monument; Kilwarlin Church of Ireland Graveyard; Kilwarlin Moravian Graveyard; Kilwarlin Roman Catholic Graveyard; Loughaghery Presbyterian Graveyard; Lurganville Roman Catholic Graveyard; Maze Presbyterian Graveyard; Moira Graveyard; Moira Graveyard; Moira Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Moira Presbyterian Graveyard; Carryduff Presbyterian Graveyard (Addenda); Castlereagh Presbyterian Graveyard (Addenda); Drumbo Church of Ireland Graveyard (Addenda); Knockbreckan Reformed Presbyterian Graveyard (Addenda)

Vol. 19: Co. Down, Barony of Donaghcloney, Dromara, Dromore, Garvaghy and Magheralin.
Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation
Includes: Ballooly Roman Catholic Graveyard; Donaghcloney Graveyard; Donaghcloney Presbyterian Graveyard; Dromara Graveyard; Dromara First Presbyterian Graveyard; Dromara Second Presbyterian Graveyard; Dromara Reformed Presbyterian Graveyard; Dromore First Presbyterian Graveyard; Dromore Second Presbyterian Graveyard; Dromore Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Dromore Roman Catholic Graveyard; Drumlough Presbyterian Graveyard; Fillis Roman Catholic Gravyard; Garvaghy Graveyard; Garvaghy Presbyterian Graveyard; Kilkinamurry Presbyterian Graveyard; Magheralin Old Graveyard; Magherlin Church of Ireland Graveyard; Waringstown Graveyard; Waringstown Presbyterian Graveyard; Appendix: The ÔÇÿLord Downshire'

Vol. 20: The Heart of Downe Old Banbridge Families from Gravestone Inscriptions, Wills and biographical Notes.
Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation. 1998
Includes: Ballydown Presbyterian Graveyard; Banbridge Cemetery; Banbridge, Crozier Monument; Banbridge, Downshire Road Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church; Banbridge, First Presbyterian Graveyard; Banbridge, Roman Catholic Graveyard; Banbridge, Scarva Street Presbyterian Graveyard; Clare Roman Catholic Graveyard; Lawrencetown Roman Catholic Graveyard; Magherally Graveyard; Magherally Presbyterian Graveyard; Moyallon Friends' Graveyard; Seapatrick Graveyard; Seapatrick Church of Ireland Church Memorials; Tullylish Graveyard; Tullylish Presbyterian Graveyard; Index to Graveyards in Volumes 16-20; Index to Surnames in Volumes 16-20

Vol. 21: Old Families of Downpartick & District from Gravestone Inscriptions, Wills and biographical Notes.
Ulster Historical Foundation.
Includes: List of Abbreviations; Downpatrick Cathedral Graveyard; Downpatrick Church of Ireland Graveyard; Downpatrick Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard; Downpatrick Presbyterian Graveyard; Downpatrick, St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery; Downpartick, St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Graveyard; Inch Graveyard; Killyleagh Presbyterian Graveyard; Saul Graveyard; Appendix: Summary guide to documentary sources for the Parish of Down*

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