Early Wills - Armagh, Belfast & Londonderry - 1858 to c.1900

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Early Wills - Armagh, Belfast & Londonderry - 1858 to c.1900

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FREE access to Early Wills - Armagh, Belfast & Londonderry - 11858 to c.1900
Visit:- http://www.proni.gov.uk/index/search_th ... search.htm



This website is the first phase of a project to index and digitise all the early wills that were proved in the District Probate Registries of Armagh, Belfast and Londonderry from 1858 to c.1900. It provides a fully searchable index to the will calendar entries for these 3 District Probate Registries with the facility to view the entire will calendar entry for each successful search. The second phase will link the index entries to both the will calendar entries and the copy wills on the History of Probate page. (- http://www.proni.gov.uk/index/search_th ... robate.htm -)

Visit:- http://www.proni.gov.uk/index/search_th ... endars.htm


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