Charles A McNeill & Elizabeth Brady

For anybody that is willing to share the information on Marriage records obtained from offical sources as LDS, PRONI or church. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Charles A McNeill & Elizabeth Brady

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Bucna Presbyterian Church in Parrish of Racavan in the County of Antrim

15th April 1885
Charles A McNeill, full age, Bachelor, Professsion: Publican, Residence: Ballymena, Father: John McNeill, Father's Profession: Farmer

Lizzie Brady, full age, spinster, Residence: Ballymena, Father: Patrick Brady, Father's Profession: Farmer

Witness: Thomas McNeill, Margaret J McNeill

Charles and Elizabeth are my great grandparents, 3 months after this they arrived in New York City. Elizabeth died in 1895, Charles in 1907. I do not know who Thomas McNeill and Margaret J McNeill. I believe Charles's mother in Mary Jameson (according to his death certificate) and Elizabeth's mother is Rosie Haggerty (according to her death certificate)

Would love contact with anyone who has an interest in these person or can tell me of other genealogica recoreds for this area or church.


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