Ballymena Parish Records #11

For anybody that is willing to share the information on Marriage records obtained from offical sources as LDS, PRONI or church. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Ballymena Parish Records #11

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From: Bette Kosmolak
Subject: Ballymena Parish Records

My notes in [ ]

Ballymena Parish Records Antrim, Irln. (Kirkinriola) FIlm # 0990408

26 Aug 1807 Robert STEPHENS to Jane HARRISON
6 Jul 1807 John McCULLOUGH to Ann HARRISON
17 Nov 1809 Capt. Thomas BUTTLE, 22nd Regt, to Ann SABINGTON, dau of
Rev. Sabinton
* Capt Buttle died 30 Oct 1818 (it doesn't say if it is the same Capt.
Buttle) [That's the precise note added into this record which seems to
make it clear that even the parish records I'm reading are transcribed
from some other record(s)]
11 Jun 1819 John Hamilton O'HARA, Esq. to Sophie Elizabeth DUFFIN
31 Mar 1823 George MOORE to Margaret BELL
21 Jul 1823 Charles CRAIG to Agnes LANG?ILL Banns
22 Sep 1823 William BROWN to Jane McCOY Banns
15 Oct 1823 Samuel SLOAN to Sarah MOORE
10 Nov 1823 John BROWN to Ann McCAULEY
24 Nov 1823 John QUEAT [underlined] to Anne CURRY
2 Feb 1824 John WILLIAMS to Mary McNEILL
20 Apr 1824 William BEGGS of Dublin, to Martha GIHAN
20 Apr 1824 Hugh McFETRIDGE to Mary McCLURE
13 Sept 1824 William DOODS [underlined] to Margaret KENNEDY
20 Sept 1824 William GORDON to Jane LIGGAT
3 Jan 1825 James TENNANT to Catherine JARVIS
3 Oct 1829 James MILLAR, Cooper, to Rose Anne DOWDALL
18 Nov 1829 Arthur DALRYMPLE to Martha POTTS
26 Dec 1829 William SLOANE to Anne McELWAINE
22 Jan 1830 Robert McNIEH, Carpenter, to Martha McCARROLL, both from
14 Feb 1830 Thomas Johnson PALMER, East Indian Co, Pensioner, to Susan
16 Mar 1830 James HOOD to Esther HUNTER
8 May 1830 Alexander McCALLION to Sarah McKAY alias HUTCHINSON
10 May 1830 Robert JOHNSON to Sarah CHERRY
15 Jun 1830 William DEMPSEY, of Rasharkin, to Margaret SHANNON
3 Jul 1830 John CALDWELL, of Connnor, to Margaret FERGUSON of Ballyclug
5 Jul 1830 Patrick BEATTY to Margaret LITTLE
3 Nov 1830 Johnn MACAULEY to Martha KELLY
4 Dec 1830 Tobias GILMORE to Mary WALSH
7 Apr 1831 William HUGGIN to Nancy AIKEN be continued

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