Grave Name Index - Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard 1882-1932

For anybody that is willing to share the information on Death records obtained from offical sources as LDS, PRONI or church. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Grave Name Index - Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard 1882-1932

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Grave Name Index to Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard.

Please note the numbers in the following index refer to grave numbers rather than page numbers.

To find out more information you will have to buy the new book but the index will give an idea if your family name is to be found in the graveyard.

Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard is the new publication by local historian Dorothy Arthur.
(information:- )

The book of burials provides us with some interesting statistical details. For example, the religious breakdown of the 1430 burials is as follows:
Religion Burials 1882-1932
Baptist 3
Church of Ireland 36
Covenanter [or Reformed Presbyterian] 9
Unitarian 29
Methodist 1
Protestant 182
Presbyterian 1106
Unrecorded 64

These figures must be considered in context with the fact that many local churches also had their own burial grounds by this period. Previous to the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland, tenant farmers paid a tithe to the local Church of Ireland clergyman and could chose to be buried in the parish churchyard. The vast proportion of the local population were Presbyterian and they still chose to inter their deceased family in a churchyard associated with the Church of Ireland, even at a time when other burial grounds were available.

The cause of death is also recorded for 552 of the burials. Of these, 248 died of debility [or old age]; 63 of consumption [or tuberculosis]; 14 were diagnosed as dying of cancer; others were diagnosed as dying of diseases of the head, brain, heart, chest, kidney, liver or leg; the records also include deaths by bronchitis, asthma, blood poisoning, brain fever, concussion, congestion of the brain or lungs, diarrhoea, dropsey, suffocation, and whooping cough; a few died of apoplexy [a haemorrhage]; only one of measles; one drowned, another died of indigestion, another of an overdose of laudanum; interestingly, between 1892-1893, there are also three victims of suicide buried in the graveyard. 73 individuals are listed as cause of death ÔÇÿunknownÔÇÖ. The ages of the interred range from one day, to two people who lived to 104.

The book is a culmination of over three years of meticulous research. Dorothy Arthur has investigated over 400 gravestones in the Old Church Graveyard, maintained by Ballymoney Borough Council. It is every genealogistÔÇÖs dream as it contains not only a transcription and photograph of each grave, but also commentaries on the family histories along with family trees.

There is much interest in this long awaited publication, as it will provide a valuable resource for everyone with an interest in the families of the Ballymoney district. Until now, anyone researching the Old Church Graveyard, had access to a map and headstone listing, both held in Ballymoney MuseumÔÇÖs records. However, thanks to Dorothy ArthurÔÇÖs comprehensive research, readers will be able to discover much more information about their ancestors, including where they lived and their occupations. For some of the families, she accumulated so much information that not all could be included, though she is happy for people to get in touch.
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