James McMullen and Rosanna or Rose Ann Wilson

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James McMullen and Rosanna or Rose Ann Wilson

Post by ciwguru »

I am looking for any help in looking up my ancestors who were from Antrim:

James McMullen born 1803
Rose or Rosanna Wilson Born 1802 to 1804.

Samuel Patrick McMullen (12/26/1834), Louisa McMullen (1836) James McMullen jr.(3/17/1838), and Deborah (7/10/1842)

Left Ireland for U.S. before 1850. Found all listed in the U.S. Census from 1850 and later.

Most of the McMullen's in my family were Presbyterians in the U.S. so I am assuming that was the case in Ireland as well. Also, they were either farmers or laborers.

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