Ancestors named Hewton

For anybody that is researching a certain FAMILY or surname that can be found any where in Ireland.

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Ancestors named Hewton

Post by Christopher »

There's a letter in today's Belfast Telegraph from Terry Hewton of Adelaide, South Australia. He, his wife and sister met Jane Hewton of Belfast, and visited her at her home in Bangor, Co. Down in 1973. They've lost touch with her and are attempting to trace other Hewtons.

Terry's family left townlands located between Armagh city and the Tyrone border in the nineteenth century and settled in Australia, Canada, England and the USA. Jane's immediate family remained in the north of Ireland.

If there are any families named Hewton reading this post, or if anyone reading it knows of a family called Hewton, Terry would be delighted to year from you.

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Re: Ancestors named Hewton

Post by WendyMc »

Hello, MY father was Duncan Hewton and his family arrived from Armagh, Ireland in the mid 1800s. His great-grandfather was John Hewton who was born in Ireland. John's father was Robert and Robert's father was John. My grandfather always used to tell us that we were related to any of the Hewtons living in North America which may not have been too hard considering Robert and his wife Eleanor had 18 children, 15 of who survived.

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