For anybody that is researching a certain FAMILY or surname that can be found any where in Ireland.

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Post by SteveB » 06 Sep 2009, 02:41

Howdy all.
My relatives and I have been looking to make some connections to a family that left Ireland in 1851 or so. We recently found that the family had been on a ship- the John Haven, from Liverpool to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, in 1851.
In doing some digging, I've found that none of the ferries, transports, etc... that traveled from Ireland to Liverpool maintained passenger manifests.
All of the family tales we've all heard state that our ancestors came from Cork.
This is from two distinct sides of the family that were separated, and moved to different parts of the country here in the US, around 120 years ago.
In looking at the records we have uncovered, there are no specifics to locations in Ireland. The records simply state for country of origin-- Ireland.
As Dublin was the primary port of emigration to go to Liverpool, it's struck me as odd that a family would travel across the island from another primary port town.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed next?

In talking with the relatives, no one is ready yet to start paying a professional researcher to connect the family names.

We presently know that the names, and ages at the 1851 passage of the family are:
James Buckley, 35 -his known birth date is 1811
Ellen (Healey- maiden name) Buckley 33
Mary Buckley 12
Patrick Buckley 9
Thomas Buckley 7- his known birth-date is Dec. 1844.
Margarett Buckley 4 (can't read exact spelling, but the double T's at the end is its appearance)
Ellen Buckley infant.

This is the most complete list of information that we've found to date. Most of us have been working on this since before 1985, and are getting more and more info as the internet technology and resources continue to expand.

Thank you for the assistance.
Best to all.

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