McBURNIEe/McBURNEY or any variation

For anybody that is researching a certain FAMILY or surname that can be found any where in Ireland.

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McBURNIEe/McBURNEY or any variation

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I am trying to trace parents or siblings of HUGH DUFFY MCBURNIE b c1845/53 BELFAST. Earliest UK records are from 1876 in Liverpool as father on birth & death cert of Francis Duffy McBurnie with wife as MARY JANE REA. Lived in Liverpool with d Elizabeth b1880 at time of 1881 census. A Stonemason by trade.
Mary Jane Rea married John Sandow in 1867 and had son William in Dumbarton 1871. After this all traces lost until she reappears as Hughs wife in 1876. 1881 has her in Walton gseaman oaol with 3m son Charles (Mc Birnis). First husband John .stweard/cook on Western Maid in 1872 (last record). Believed drowned!
Mary Jane b1851c Liverpool. Father William a cabinet maker b Ireland. Her son William in 1881 lived at same address as Hugh but with William and Jane Sandon (nee REA to whom in latter census he is refered to as stepson. Jane Rea b 1839c married William Sandon 1861 Liverpool father given as Philip a barman ( No records found).
I assume tha MJ left for Ireland after birth os son returning to family. There to meet up with Hugh and eventually return to Liverpool as man and wife.
ANY confirmation of above or likely links appreciated.
1 Ros Davies website for CoDown lists 3 MCBURNEY's Alexander Robert & Thomas in RATHFRILAND in 1816 Hugh is thought to have had Stonmason brothers could this be a family link. Does anybody have furthter info on these McBurney's.
2 The Irish Appolotments has a John McBurnie in Connor 1835. I am not sure what this means! Can anyone advise?
3 In 1871 census for Scotland in Bute a Hugh McBurney is listed as o/seaman on vessel "Susan" out of Co Down. Could work as a stonemason be short around 1870's and Hugh took employment on boat? Did he meet Mary Jane there and spirit her and her son back to Ireland?

Romantic drivel I know but who knowsIf anyone can help PLEASE REPLY.

Anyone got knowledge of good book which captures the mood, life and political feelings (from both sides if there were 2 sides) during the 1850-1870 period? How must a lad growing up the have felt and coped?

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