Alexander REID/James REID

For anybody that is LOOKING for information on a certain Person, who can come from anywhere in Ireland.

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Alexander REID/James REID

Post by carolmcr »

Can anybody tell me where I can check out the birth and marriage records for all Ireland please.

I think my great grandfather James REID b. abt. 1848?, a Fireman, was born in Ireland (area not known) and also his father Alexander REID a cooper.

I found a possible match for them in the 1871 census when they were living in Liverpool.

James is not listed but he could have been away at sea because he would be aged about 22/23 by then, but there are several children listed. They are Alexander, Thomas, Patrick, Margaret - all born Ireland, and Andrew and Mary both born in Liverpool.

Alexander and Thomas's birthdate/ages are the same so it looks like these were twins.

I remember my dad telling us that there were twins in the family and that his grandfather may have had a step-brother named Andrew or Alexander so this looks quite promising. It's quite possible that Alexander REID senior married twice and that all these younger brothers and sisters were my great grandfather's stepbrothers/sisters!

My Dad also said that Andrew emigrated to Canada after 'jumping ship' and never came back to England! Dad said that this was seen as a 'great shame on the family and the family back home got no money for him!'.

Andrew REID could possibly have worked on/or started up a cattle ranch in Canada.

I can't find any website which will enable me to look at the Irish census records nor the bmd records. I'm a member of but they don't seem to have access to the Irish archives.

Can anybody offer any advice?


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Have you tried the Irish Birth Index and Marriage Index at one of the Latter Day Saints Family History centres? They have these on film and I have spent alot of time going through them. These have been the only place I have found that seem to have them.


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Re: Alexander REID/James REID

Post by blue70 »

Hi Carol

This post was a few years ago so I don't know if you will read this or not. I will PM you some information too. I'm also a descendent of Alexander Reid or Reed (occupation - cooper) via his daughter Margaret. The family appear on the 1881 Census at 1 in Court 1 Cotton Street, Liverpool the surname is spelt as Reed and Alexander is listed as Alexandra! The Reeds who were born in Ireland on that census are listed as being born in Belfast. The family seem to have come to Liverpool in the early 1860s. I have the birth certificate of Andrew Reid who was the first of the children born in Liverpool because I wanted to find out Alexander's wife's surname. She was born Margaret McCaughan sometimes spelt as McCaughran or McCochran.


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