Mary Hagen/hagan/Regan

For anybody that is LOOKING for information on a certain Person, who can come from anywhere in Ireland.

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Mary Hagen/hagan/Regan

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I am looking for information on Mary Hagen born 1837 Ireland. She married Edward Cornelius Bone 1858 Brighton Victoria, Australia. They had 2 children born in Australia, Mary Ann who died as a baby and Edward born 1862, Australia. They came to New Zealand where they had another girl named Mary Ann after the one who died. I have certificates that all have different spelling of the last name. I have Mary and Edward marriage certificate but it is really hard to read. It has Mary Hagen and her father Michael and Mary Hagen. Their Son Edward birth certificate has Regan but his marriage certificate has Hagen. I would really like to solve this mystery and find out more about Marys parents and where she came from and i have been having trouble find Irish sites.
Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.

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