For anybody that is LOOKING for information on a certain Person, who can come from anywhere in Ireland.

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My grandfather William Turtle was born 18 June 1914 address 16 Primrose Drive/Street Belfast

Father - John Turtle born 1883
Mother - Isabella Johnston 1889

Marriage 8th June 1908 address 44 Tobigill Street, Belfast
Grooms father James Turtle cloth presser
Brides father Andrew Wilson Johnstone Carpenter

1911 census address Sugarfield Street, Woodvale Antrim
John age 27
Isabella age 22
James Turtle age 72 Widower
Sarah age 1yr
Samuel 4 months

I know William had a few brothers and sisters but records show around 100 Turtles born between 1909 and 1929. No records show parents.

Any ideas where more detailed records would be? I live in England so unable at present to get to GRONI to check records there. Is anything available on-line?

And are the census records that survived readily available so I can try and find Williams grandparents?

Thank you for reading my message. Any suggestins would be very much appreciated.

Kindest regards


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