GUIGGY from Ballyloran Townland

For anybody that is LOOKING for information on a certain Person from Co. Antrim including Belfast. If need be I will start separate area forums

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GUIGGY from Ballyloran Townland

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Hi I am trying to find information on John and George Guiggy. They
both came to America and fought in the Revolutionary war. I found
George Guiggy in the Belfast Newsletter Index. It said:

94851 25 May 1773 3 sold public auction private sale house
=Guiggy,George parish +Larne townland+Bellylorain Co. +Antrim 10 June
interest lease =Ogilve,William. flax-millfarm-house barn application 20.

So it looks like George Guiggy sold his house at public auction 25 May 1773
and it was in the Ballyloran Townland, Larne Parish. Any Info would be
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Re: GUIGGY from Ballyloran Townland

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Perhaps the land GUIGGY sold was that of Ballyloran House - I stayed there as a child and it had a mill stone.
There is a movement to delist (and thus redevelop) the land. See link below.
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