Gaston Family

For anybody that is LOOKING for information on a certain Person from Co. Antrim including Belfast. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Gaston Family

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Looking for Gaston family from Ballymena
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Post by sham »

The family name I am researching is GASTON. My husband's g/father was Samuel Gaston (b) 1866 - (d) 1924 in New Zealand.
Samuel came to New Zealand aged 17 (or there abouts).
He was one of 12. Samuel farmed in New Zealand, and also became a Presbyterian Minister for some years, before returning to farming.

Samuel's father was John Gaston (b) 1826 - (d) 1886
His mother's name was, Margaret McCormick (b) ? - (d) 1890
Both are buried in Clough Cemetery.

I have some information of the next generation of the family, but I will look forward to any help at all.

I believe the family came from Ballymoney.

Sham :)
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Post by JoyDeSantis »

Hi Sham

I think we might be researching the same family, but not positive.
The Gaston I have ( and I don't have all of them) don't match the info that you posted, but there are many Gaston in my line and recently I have contacted one, but need more info.

The reason I think they are the same family is because they are buried in Clough.

I live in the USA, I do have a Samuel, but I dont know his wife's name or his date of birth.
A lot of my Gaston's married Adams. Do you have any Adams?
Also, some went to Australia and New Zealand

Joy Adams DeSantis

Re: Gaston Family

Post by Christopher »

Hello rubysyd,

Sixteen people named Gaston from Ballymena signed the 1912 Ulster Covenant.

When were the family you're seeking living there?

I've created a link to your other thread.

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