the McAuleys,Oneill`s and McAllisters of carnlough,glencloy

For anybody that is LOOKING for information on a certain Person from Co. Antrim including Belfast. If need be I will start separate area forums

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the McAuleys,Oneill`s and McAllisters of carnlough,glencloy

Post by martinroe22 »

Hi I`m researching into the family line of Charles McAuley of Carnloough who had a public house on bridge st from the late 18th century i have connections into other families and they are McGavock, Oneill,and McAllister
a little history of the family

Charles McAuley passed away on the 31st of Jan 1874 , his marriage to a Mary Anne McGavock was prior to 1841 when there first son Charles was born
they had a farm called "back of the hill Farm" the only one i can find from the griffiths valuation is in a small townland of the Bay, just south of Carnlough.
he had the Pub in Carnlough in the townland of "Mill tenement" and address of 2 bridge st
the family had the pub back into the late 18th century and its recorded as a possible headquarters for the 1798 uprising of the ulster freemen

he also had 3 house`s one of which he lived n himself at the time of his death a widow McGavock and a widow Wilson lived in the other
the children listed in hiw will are as follows
Charles McAuley
Patrick McAuley
Alexander McAuley
William John McAuley
Ellen who i believe may have married a Henry MaGill
and finally
Mary McAuley

census misspelling include Macauley and McCawley
if anyone has information or links into my tree please drop me a line

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Re: the McAuleys,Oneill`s and McAllisters of carnlough,glenc

Post by mybigfamily »

Hi, Ive just started researching my family and my GGGrandfather Henry Magill married an Ellen McAuley. They had a girl name Charlotte, my GGrandmother and maybe two boys. Charlotte had my Grandmother Ellen and several other children. Henry and Ellen may have came over to New Zealand, Charlotte did by herself in 1896. Have you got more information since you posted this post.

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