McCrudden family

For anybody that is researching a certain FAMILY or surname from Co. Antrim or Belfast area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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McCrudden family

Post by brendagervais »

I'm researching MCCRUDDEN and their families. Any information on them or any other family is greatly appreciated. Would especially like information on Edward MCCRUDDEN and Mary MCKEOWN or James MCCRUDDEN family.

Edward MCCRUDDEN married Mary MCKEOWN (sp?). They had the following children:

1. James MCCRUDDEN b. 1873 in Randalstown, Antrim, Ireland married Margaret (Alice)? FINLAY . James came to the U.S. in 1922 and Margaret and many of the children came a few years later. Their children were:

1a. Ellen MCCRUDDEN m. Samuel Chancellor in 1913 in Belfast (still confirming this is child of James & Margaret)
1b. James MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland abt. 1899
1c. Arthur MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland 12 Aug 1901
1d. Annabell (a) MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland June 1, 1903
1e. Rebecca MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland abt. 1908
1f. Susanna (Susan) MCCRUDDEN b. Belfast, Ireland May 18, 1910
1g. Edward MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland abt. 1909
1i. Priscilla MCCRUDDEN

2. Edward MCCRUDDEN b. abt. 1882 in Ireland married a woman named Sarah. His family also came to the U.S. before 1922. Their children were:

2a. Sarah MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland abt.1915
2b. Isabel MCCRUDDEN b. Ohio abt. 1925
2c. Edward MCCRUDDEN Jr. b. Ohio abt 1927

3. Margaret MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland 08 Sep 1890 d. Mar 1970 in Cleveland, Ohio. Married Peter Conway.

4. Mary MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland 26 Mar 1897 d. Nov 1969 in Los Angeles Co., CA. Married Gustave (Gus) Block.

5. Anabelle MCCRUDDEN d. in Canada. Married Robert MCLLVEN (MCLLVEEN)

6. Andrew MCCRUDDEN d. in Canada

7. Elizabeth MCCRUDDEN b. Ireland Married unknown MCKEE

8. Samuel MCCRUDDEN d. Ontario, Canada. Married Elizabeth FISHER.

9. William J. MCCRUDDEN d. in Canada

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Re: McCrudden family

Post by BRBart »

This is a rather old post. Don't know if the poster is still active.

Great-Grandson of Edward in the United States. If still interested can fill some holes in that chain.

I.e - Edward Jr. Died in a plane crash near the end of WWII (Army Air Corps). Edward was married at the time, do not know what became of wife.

Sarah was my Grandmother, she had two girls.

Isabel survives outside of Cleveland, Ohio and had two boys who live in that area.

More details if poster is stil interested.

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Re: McCrudden family

Post by brendagervais »

Definitely interested in any details. Sorry for the delay. I'm guessing the email notification got sent to my spam folder and I didn't see it. Sorry about that! The line is actually my best friends that I've been helping her with. A relative from Ireland is actually coming next month for a few days so any information is greatly appreciated and if there's any info you would like, let me know.

Brenda Gervais

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