McAlister - Co. Antrim to Co. Dublin

For anybody that is researching a certain FAMILY or surname from Co. Antrim or Belfast area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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McAlister - Co. Antrim to Co. Dublin

Post by MACMAX »


I have been researching about my family, the Mcalisters of Donabate, Co. Dublin for a while using not only National Library of Ireland resources but also family research and baptismal certificates.

Our family came from Scotland after the "Glencoe Massacre" and entered through Northern Ireland (Co. Antrim) and then traveled south to Swords and finally, Donabate, place where they settled.

McAllister brothers (at least 2) had 2 known lineages in Ireland:

1st lineage:

-John or James or "J" McAllister ---> Married Charlotte Cassidy,
sister of Anne Cassidy and born in Staffordstown Turvey, Donabate.

-No more information on this lineage, neither for Charlotte nor "J".

2nd lineage:

-Charles McAllister ("McAlister" on baptismal record of his son, Charles of

Born in 1748 (nationality: N/A) and died on 19.04.1823 aged 75. Buried at
Swords' C.O.I. Cemetery

(St. Columba's Church of Ireland Parish - PENDING: gravestone inscription

-Charles married Anne Cassidy in 1786 or 1787. They had 7 children:

Elinor, Anne, Mary, John, Daniel, Charles "of Turvey", James.

The tree continues to the present with complete and accurate information up today. Anyone interested in sharing potential matches is welcome!


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Re: McAlister - Co. Antrim to Co. Dublin

Post by sas46 »

I am writing to see if Mx is still posting as I am researching McAllisters from Northern Ireland. I am just beginning this search and hope to meet up with other researchers of this surname. Rose McKinley came to United STates and married John McAllister in Pennsylvania. Rose was born in February 1844 according to a US census record. Her parents were John McKinley and Mary A. Cloud. It's all I know at the present time.

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Re: McAllister - DUBLIN

Post by Joseph »

Making enquiries about McALLISTERS.. My GGG Granfather Joseph Mc Allister married a Ann Maglue who had a son(may have had other children)named Joseph McAllister who married a Mary Arthurs(died 20/4/1871) who had a daughter Ellen (G Granmother) in 1843 who married my G Granfather Patrick Healy in Church of Ireland, Monkstown, Dublin in June 1862 who had a son Michael Joseph Healy born in 1863 my GranFather. I am looking for detains about:
Both Joseph McAllisters son and father. It would appear that all my McAllisters are from North Co Dublin. Donabate, Lusk, Skerries, Malahide, Rush,
Ann Maglue she may have been from Lusk, Rush.
Mary Arthurs her father may have been Joseph Arthurs from Skerries
My GG Granfather was a Blacksmith. He may have lived in the townland of 'Man of War' near Lusk co dublin at one time. His wife Mary died in 1871. Her death cert said she died in Malahide. Co Dublin. Is there any connection with Joseph McAllister with the McAllisters of Malahide.
Thanks all.

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Re: McAlister - Co. Antrim to Co. Dublin

Post by catherinelamb »

This would be my local area,
Mc Glew is a name found in Rush, perhaps a connection.
Man O'War is very close to both Lusk and Skerries, under the townland of Rush. as far as I am aware are committed to bringing genealogical records to the public free, this has the government's backing, as I understand it, the National Library, which holds RC records are currently digitizing the records, which will be loaded to the database in due course, RC and COI records for Dublin City are already there, along with Kerry and Cork.
Hope this helps.

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