For anybody that is researching a certain FAMILY or surname from Co. Antrim or Belfast area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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I am searching for any information on a Samuel James Campbell whose birth was registered as Cloughcorr, Ballycastle. I have vey little information as this is my father but he unfortunately died 6 weeks before I was born. The facts as I know them are these: Born 24th May 1922. The name of his mother is very difficult to read and looks like Mina? There is no registered father on the certificate. I know that he was brought up by his widows grandmother who I believe was called Margret Campbell and that he has a sister, whose name I do not know. I was told that his mother emigrated to Canada but I do not know this as fact. He enlisted in the Royal Marines on the 3rd of December 1946 and served abroad. He was medically discharged on 9th February 1951. He married Joan Bell on 22nd March 1952 in West Kirby Wirrel Cheshire and set up home in Erdington Birmingham. They had 3 children, all girls. He died 25th August 1962 still living in Erdington. After leaving his home as a young man he only returned home for brief visits and never got round to bringing his wife or family to see his home. I have always wanted to find more information about my father's side of the family but do know that after writing to his sister to notify her of his death, my mother had no further contact. With my mother's death I know find myself with even less information or idea of where to start in finding where I really come from.
I would be really grateful for any help or information anyone could give me, particularly as at the moment I am finding it very difficult to even locate the Cloughcorr area. I know my father told my mother it was a very small place when he lived there, now 80 years on it seems to have disappeared completely!

Ever hopeful. Sara.

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