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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 18:44
by jcassells76
DESCENDANTS of John McClure b1832 d9/7/1914 from Ballylig Ballycarry married to Margaret Moore(b1836d1874) on 3/10/1856 and their son Robert McClure b1869 d1959 married to Abigail Irvine b1870d1948 and their children John Irvine
McClure Master Mariner b1893 d 1968 and his siblings Margaret b1895d1964 Isobel b1900 d1968 Molly b1904 d1985 Jean b1906 d1985 Robert MN Engineer b1910 d1963 John Irvine McClures family Wife Hannah Money b 1895 d1955 and Children Ethne
b1931 d2010 Joan b1927 d1936 Dorothy b1937 Related SURNAMES Stevenson Cassells McGinty :roll: :roll: