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Posted: 17 Mar 2011, 19:42
by fyldemac
In my initial posting of 6 February 2011, under ÔÇ£McHenry of GlenarmÔÇØ, I set out what I know of my McHenry family from the Glenarm area. Thanks to those of you who read the posting.

I thought, however, that I would follow up with a second posting on the off chance that widening the search and introducing other names might establish a link within the McHenry, McKendry and McHendry fraternity.

There were more McHenry and McKendry families further inland around the Ballymena area and beyond, and in the other Glens of Antrim. Also, there seems to have been a McHenry stronghold around the Ballycastle area to the north.

There are too many names to mention here but perhaps listing some associated with the Glenarm area in particular might spark interest with another McHenry researcher looking to make similar breakthroughs.

So, returning to the Glenarm area, there were McHenryÔÇÖs listed on the 1861 Griffiths Valuation at Munie North, inland from the town - a John Snr and John Jnr leasing land and Neil McHenry a house on land leased by Charles Gibson. But John JnrÔÇÖs** name appears later as McKendry. And it seems that the McKendry family [Roman Catholics] continued to farm the same land for the rest of the 19th Century.

[**John McHenry or McKendry Jnr 1835-1898 married Rose OÔÇÖDonnell and known children were Patrick 1866 (married Mary OÔÇÖBoyle of Cruckan), Mary 1868, Kate 1871 (who married John Murray of Co Kildare), Rose 1877, John 1880 and Neil 1881.]

Felix McKillop, the local author and historian has helped me with more information. And it seems that earlier leases in Munie [1832/1850] included not just a John McHenry but Daniel McHenry and then Widow McHenry.

Thanks to Felix, the earliest mention I can see is to 1820 when Guy Morrow rented land near Carnagear Sheddings, formerly occupied by Alex OÔÇÖMulvenna and Dan McKendry.

There was another McHenry family in the Munie area ÔÇô from Census returns they were Presbyterian. A headstone in the old Glebe Cemetery was erected by Thomas McHenry1845-1921 in memory of his father William 1818-1887, mother Ellen 1811-1877, sister Martha 1850-1885 and his own daughter Martha 1890-1911.

I think this William McHenry 1818 was the William McKendry farming at Deerpark Farms from at least 1859 [and who is recorded as William McKennary on Griffiths]. I think his wife was Ellen McVeigh.

Besides Thomas 1845, I believe William and Ellen had [at least] children Elizabeth (who married Thomas Russell of Munie in 1870) and Martha 1850 (who married John Montgomery of Old Church in 1876).

Thomas McHenry 1845 married Martha Wright in Glenarm in 1872. Their [known] children of 10 born were William J[ohn?] 1872 (who married Sarah Martin 1870 from Glenwhirry and was living in Larne 1901/1911), Margaret 1877, David 1879, Thomas 1880, James 1885, Robert 1887 and Martha 1890.

Thomas McHenry 1845 also discloses on the 1911 Census that he was born in Loughconnelly ÔÇô which is near Broughshane.

On the Griffiths Valuation, there is also an Ellen McKenry leasing land at Ballyvaddy, which borders Munie to the north.

Also in the Glenarm area, I am aware of a number of births etc relating to the name McHenry and mention them in case somebody can see a link into their own family lines:-

John McGavock born 1826 to Daniel McGavock & Catherine McHenry ÔÇô RC
Jane OÔÇÖDornan born 1849 to Edward OÔÇÖDornan & Margaret McHenry ÔÇô RC [sponsor Elizabeth McHenry of Deerpark West]
James OÔÇÖDornan born 1850 to Edward OÔÇÖDornan & Margaret McHenry ÔÇô RC
Roseanne McAllister born 1849 to James McAllister & Ellen McHenry ÔÇô RC [sponsor Mary McHenry of Munie South]
Mary McAllister born 1853 to James McAllister & Ellen McHenry
Catherine McHenry married John McFadden in Glenarm 1849
Ellen McHenry married John Gregg in Glenarm in 1867
Esther McHenry born 1866 to Hugh McHenry [or McKendry] & Mary Ann Russell
Ellen McKendry born 1868 to Hugh McHenry [or McKendry] & Mary Ann Russell
Bridget McHenry c1822 married Bernard OÔÇÖDornan in 1852 in Glenarm ÔÇô RC [at least one son Daniel c1850 ÔÇô the OÔÇÖDornan family were at Slane, Longfield on the 1901/1911 Census]

IÔÇÖd better finish before I outstay my welcome but I would really appreciate contact or comment from anybody interested in the McHenry name in Ireland. McHenry is not a common name and I feel sure family connections exist within the Glens of Antrim and the surrounding areas. Just a case of finding them- and IÔÇÖm not giving up just yet!

Ian McHenry


Posted: 11 Aug 2012, 22:34
by 1+ired
My name is Angela and I am trying to find out information on who I believe to be my great-great grandfather. His name is Thomas McHenry and he was born on a ship 40 miles from Tipperary in 1849. His parents settled in New York and he later moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he established a business in galvanized steel in 1902. His wife was Ada McHenry and was father of Albert A. and William T. McHenry. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Posted: 03 Jan 2013, 01:44
by McHenryJohnson
I'm tracking a McHenry thread that leads to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I'd welcome any information on the cast of characters I'm presenting and/or the assumptions I am offering. Francis John McHenry (b 1842, Ballycastle area) emigrated to America in 1858. He's my great grandfather, on my mother's side. His parents were James and Mary McHenry. This is what I'm supposing, based, in part, on an Ulster Historical Foundation review that I received: I'm thinking that James and Mary McHenry could have been born around 1820. Their children may have included both my Francis John McHenry and Mary McHenry (b about 1848), who you'll next read about. On 26/10/1871, Mary McHenry, a servant from Ballypatrick, married James McLister (b about 1841), a farmer from Torr. James' father was Alexander. One witnesses to the wedding was Elizabeth Ann (Kelly) McHenry. I'm thinking that she is the same Elizabeth Ann that married my Francis McHenry in 1868 in Philadelphia. She was born in the Ballycastle area, but her family roots may have been in Tipperary. She must have traveled from America for the wedding and/or other reasons. I don't believe that they were wealthy. The other witness was James McKinley. Interestingly, our family lore has it that we are related to the American president William McKinley, who's ancestors emigrated from the Dervock, southwest of Ballycastle, in the mid-1700s. That is my guess as to my ancestors. I'd love to confirm it and I'd love to link the McHenrys to Scotland, somehow. I have a shorter second hunch. The 1901 Irish census lists a James (80) and Catherine (60) McHenry at 85 Castle Street. Refreshment housekeepers. An occupation that looks consistent with the building today. James' age is consistent with fathering my Francis, so I'd love to think that he and a pub/rooming house that I've walked past are an extension of my family. Any thoughts? Thanks