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MARK/GORDON Farranacushog/Clough

Posted: 14 Jan 2012, 18:14
by Luella38
I have the information about James Mark (b. abt 1775; d. before 1851) and know that the Clough church records (Presbyterian) were destroyed in a fire so that avenue is blocked. I am looking for information from where/when the Mark family originated--probably Scotland, but the Mark surname ?? Is it Scottish? Is it Irish? Neither country seems to claim it. Could the family when they immigrated from Scotland to Ireland have decided to use a more English name and use the apostle Mark as their surname? Any help would really be appreciated! :P

Re: MARK/GORDON Farranacushog/Clough

Posted: 15 Jan 2012, 11:27
by Elwyn
If your ancestors were Presbyterian and lived in Co Antrim, then thereÔÇÖs a pretty strong presumption that they will be of Scottish origin. (Presbyterianism originated there).

The name Marks appears in the 1669 Hearth Money Rolls for Galgorm, Ahoghill parish and Barnish (Drummaul) so some seem to be around then. As you probably know the major settlement of Co Antrim started in 1606 with the Hamilton & Montgomery settlement. Most of those settlers came from southwest Scotland (Ayrshire and Wigtownshire and adjacent counties). There are records back to Scotland for one or two of the major landholders eg the Adairs in Ballymena whose ancestral home in Kinhilt, near Stranraer is known, but there are no comprehensive records of the tenants who accompanied them, and so itÔÇÖs usually impossible to trace back to Scotland, unless you are extremely lucky.

I searched the modern phone book for Mark(s) in and around Glasgow and Ayrshire (places with a G postcode) and found approx 40 of them. So the name is found in Scotland if not very common. In my opinion thatÔÇÖs where your ancestors most probably originated.