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Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 19:18
by Anonymous
I have an Alexander McAllister, born 1801 in Cushendun, County Antrim, Ireland. He married Mary (McCaheran????), born 1795. They immigrated to Curran (Pendleton) Ontario about 1854/55. This is now called North Plantagent, Ontario.

Their children were all born in Cushensun and were: John b. 1826; Alexander b. 1832 (my ancester); Dennis b1834; James b. 1843; James b. 1843, Mary b.?

Alexander (born 1832) married Rose McKinley (some records say Rose McKinley-Kelly) at St. Luke's Parish, Curran, Ontario.

Their children were Dennis b. 1853 in the US; John b. 1854 in the US; Mary Ann (my ggrandmother) b. 1859 in Ontario; Patrick b. 1863 in Ontario; Catherine b. 1869 in Ontario; Rosey Jane br. 1866 in the US.

The 1891 also lists an Alexander McAllister born 1820 in Cushendun who lived in Curran, who married Catherine McFault in 1840 in Cushendun. Their children were Mary b. 1852 in Ireland; Ann Jane b. 1854 where??; John b. 1857 in Ontario; Catherine b. 1869; Patrick b. 1862; Margaret b. 1863.

How they all relate is a mystery to me. Since Curran is such a small town and they all come from Cushendun, I don't think it a coincidence. Any info anyone can supply me would be most helpful.

(I am making the assumption that my info is correct, but then it may be flawed)

Thank you;

McAllisters - from Donabate (Cublin) to SouthAmerica

Posted: 07 Aug 2005, 04:43
by Anonymous

I have been researching about my family for a while using not only National Library of Ireland resources but also family research and baptismal certificates.

Our family came from Scotland after the Glencoe Massacre and entered in Northern Ireland (Co. Antrim) and then traveled south to Swords and finally, Donabate, place where they settled.
McAllister brothers (at least 2) had 2 known lineages in Ireland:

1st lineage:

-John or James or J. McAllister ---> Married Charlotte Cassidy,
sister of Anne Cassidy and born in Staffordstown Turvey, Donabate.

-No more information on this lineage, neither for Charlotte nor "J".

2nd lineage:

-Charles McAllister ("McAlister" on baptismal record of his son, Charles of

Born in 1748 (nationality: N/A) and died on 19.04.1823 aged 75. Buried at
Swords' C.O.I. Cemetery

(St. Columba's Church of Ireland Parish - PENDING: gravestone inscription

-Charles married Anne Cassidy in 1786 or 1787. They had 7 children:

Elinor, Anne, Mary, John, Daniel, Charles "of Turvey", James.

The tree continues to the present with complete information, as we all know

Let me know who was/were the first generation of your McAllisters in Ireland (as you may know, WE are all originally from Inveraray, Kyntire, Argyle & Bute - Scotland)

Mx :)


Posted: 18 May 2006, 00:11
by middmiss
I am researching McAlisters from County Antrim. The first in my line is James 1787-1869 who married Betty Morrison. I would just love to make contact with anyone who has any info.

Re: McAllister

Posted: 01 Sep 2009, 19:50
by sas46
I am helping a friend research his family. His great grandfather was John McAllister who came to the US from Ireland according to US census records for 1870. He is found in Titusville, PA in 1879 but I lost track of him after that.

His wife however is found widowed by 1900 and she has since moved to NY. Her name was Rose/Rosa McKinley of Ireland. They were both born about 1844 according to the census records. Her parents were John and Mary A. (Cloud) McKinley of Ireland.

In the 1920 census record for NY it says she was born in Northern Ireland which narrows it down anyway! She died in 1922 in NY and is buried there. She and John had 4 children.
If anyone is able to assist me in finding further information I am most grateful.

Re: McAllister, Broughshane, Antrim

Posted: 09 Dec 2012, 01:22
by Mccal1
I am looking for information on Randall McAllister born around 1796 in Broughshane, Antrim, Ireland.
Ex: who his parents were, when he died, and where he is buried. The only census records I could
find (1851) didn't show him so he may have passed away prior to this year.
He married Nancy Atchison daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Atchison (born 1798 & died 12/25/1818)
Their son, John (born 12/17/1818 in Broughshane) was my great-great Grandfather. He immigrated to the U.S.
about 1847 and made his home in Bentley, IL. John grew up around Belfast, Ireland with his father's
sister before leaving from Limerick, Ireland for the U.S.

Randall later married Margaret Armstrong and had 5 - 6 more children (one being Mary born 1834)

Re: McAllister

Posted: 09 Dec 2012, 02:25
by irishgen
Nothing connected with Broughshane was saved from the 1851 Irish Census.

You will find a list of the N. Irish bit that were saved further down in another section.

You might find him in the Griffiths Valuation 1848-1864 but only if he owned or rented land.


Re: McAllister

Posted: 10 Dec 2012, 01:03
by Elwyn
ThereÔÇÖs a death of a Randall McAllister registered in Ballymena Jan - Mar 1890, Vol 1, page 103. Estimated year of birth 1798. Ballymena would be the civil registration town for Broughshane. It might be worth your while getting that certificate to see if itÔÇÖs your man.

Re: McAllister

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 01:38
by Mccal1
Thank you both for responding about finding Randall McAllister from Broughshane.

Where do I go to get the death certificate? The only page I see to order it online wants the date of death.
Is there a site that shows the Jan - Mar of 1890 and the page number, etc. where I can order from?
Sorry I am so late in responding, I have too many notes going (obviously) Deb

Re: McAllister

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 14:55
by Elwyn
The originals of Irish BDM certs are not viewable on line. There are some pay to view sites where you get transcripts but they donÔÇÖt all have all the details eg addresses and witnesses, so if you want to see the full details on the certificate you have to order a copy. I use GRO Roscommon because they offer a photocopy option, which is cheaper than a full formal certificate, and it eliminates the possibility of transcription errors. A photocopy only costs Ôé¼4 (euros).

Go to the GRO Roscommon website: Download the application form you need, and complete with the information you have, including the location, year, quarter (if one is shown), Volume & page number. Put that information on the lines for date and place of the event etc. DonÔÇÖt worry if you have to leave some boxes blank, eg PPS number. Be sure to tick the box marked photocopy, if that suits you, as itÔÇÖs cheaper. You then either fax or post the form off (there is no e-mail option for certs pre 1.1.1922). Their turnaround time is 7 to 10 days plus however long the post takes.