Robinson of Raloo

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Larne area.

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Robinson of Raloo

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I am trying to find the parents of William Robinson (and generations back)married to Elizabeth Jenny Lyle married 1826. They had the following children

Samuel married Annie Martin
Matthew married 1st Eliza Smyth 2nd Margaret Gordon
Rosemary married Samuel McCullough
Betty Jenny married Nathaniel Drummond Moore

I think that William and Elizabeth would have had more children, there is a letter written in 1865 by Annie Martin's first cousin husband, Francis Mahon which references a John Robinson, this letter also references Matthew and Rosemary's marriages.

Samuel and Annie had many children 2 of these children were Nathaniel Martin Robinson (named after Annie's father) and Crawford Blair Robinson, they also had children Thomas, Mary, William, Elizabeth and Samuel, acording to a record I found they had 13 children in total, only Samuel was identified on this record.

I am also interested in the name Moore as Annie Martin's grandparents were John Martin married to Mary Moore.

Any help would be appreciated


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