The McConnells of Larne

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Larne area.

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The McConnells of Larne

Post by admi »

My Grandmother was Mary McConnell [I don't know her maiden name.]
Grandfather Albert James McConnell.

Albert James farther was John McConnell

I believe that this John is the 1 year old John McConnell shown in the
1851 census at 23 Larne Pound Street Larne Co Antrim.

I'd like to find out more about the McConnells and confirm. Has anyone got any details on my family.

Edward Laughton

taken from one of my old Co. Antrim Mailing Lists


The McConnells of Larne

Post by Christopher »


What denomination were the McConnell family?

You may have to rely on Church records as civil registration in Ireland was not introduced until 1864. Non Catholic marriages were registered from 1845 onwards. When registration for BDMS started in 1864 some people didn't bother with the registration for a few years after that date. Keep your fingers crossed that church records still exist.


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