Larne (ca.1910)

For anybody that is willing to share historical information on the Larne town area obtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, or local knowledge. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Larne (ca.1910)

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Belfast and Ulster Towns Dir. for 1910


24 › miles from Belfast, Seaport and Market Town, has a good harbour, and Steamers leave daily for Stranraer, which is the shortest sea passage between Ireland and Great Britain.
Market Day, Wednesday.
Population, estimated (1909), 8,700


--Wm. G. Brownlees, Postmaster.

Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays, 8 to 10 a.m. Outgoing Mails for Cairncastle, Glenarm, and towns on the coast, 7-35 a.m.; Belfast, Dublin, and North of Ireland generally, 7-15 a.m.; Belfast, 9-45 a.m.; Glenarm and Carnlough, 11-5 a.m.; Dublin (day mail), England, South of Ireland, Belfast, &c, 12-30 p.m.; Glenarm and Carnlough, 4-20 p.m.; England and Scotland via Stranraer and foreign, 6-40 p.m.; Dublin (night mail), England, Scotland, Belfast, &c, 5-40 and 7-5 p.m.; Sundays--England, Scotland, and Ireland general (via Belfast), 5-30 p.m. Incoming Mails--There are four deliveries during the day, commencing at 8-10 a.m., 9-30 a.m., 2-0 p.m., and 6-30 p.m. On Sunday one delivery, which commences at 8-40 a.m. Parcels are despatched at 7-20 a.m., 12-30 p.m.. and 5-40 p.m.; except on Sundays, and a special parcel mail is despatched for England, Scotland and foreign via Stranraer, 6-40 p.m. Telegraph business Week-days, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays, 8-30 to 10 a.m.

Barnhill Sub-Office--Mrs. Law, Postmistress
Larne Harbour Post Office--Hugh O'Brien, Postmaster


Church of Ireland--Larne and Inver, Rev. A. Boyd, M.A., rector.
Glynn--Rev. R. C. Oulton, B.D., incumbent.
Cairncastle and Kilwaughter--Rev. C. H. L. Buchanan
Presbyterian Church--First--Rev. John Lyle Donaghy, minister.
Gardenmore(Pound street)--Rev. David H. Hanson, B.A., minister.
Raloo--Rev. Ewing Gilfillan, minister.
Magheramorne--Rev. J. T. Doherty.
Cairncastle--Rev. S. B. Clarke, M.A., minister
Reformed Presbyterian Meeting-house--Rev. W. J. Pollock, B.A.
Unitarian Church--Rev. Jas. Kennedy, minister.
Cairncastle--Rev. Eustace Thompson, minister.
Raloo--Rev. John M'Cleery, minister
Independent Church--Rev. R. Millar
Methodist Church--Rev. Hugh M. Watson
Roman Catholic Church--Rev. J. M'Allister, P.P.; Rev. P. Rafferty, C.C.


John Macaulay, D. L., England; William Chaine, D.L., Cairncastle; J. W. Smith, Duneira, Larne; H. Morgan Byrne, Barrister-at-Law, Ashton Lodge, Castleknock, Dublin; Colonel M'Neill, The Corran, Larne Harbour; John Heggarty, Clonlee villa, Larne; W. T. Doran, Belfast; Thomas Milligan, Islandmagee; Edward Magill, Willowbrook; Bernard M'Cafferty, Drains; Felix Mulvenna, Main Street; James Morrow, Larne; William Holmes, R.M., Ballymena
Clerk of Town Court--W. G. Younge
Clerk of Petty Sessions--D. N. Wiles, The Crannie
Urban District Council--William M'E. Carson Charles Davison, John Drummond Dr. Samuel W. Hill, John Kirkwood, Charles L. MacKean, Samuel Magill, Thomas M'Connell, Chairman; James M'Neill, Charles O'Boyle, Paul Picken, Dr. William Shaw, James Sutherland, Alexander Woodside; Town Clerk. W. G. Younge


BELFAST BANKING COMPANY (Branch)--J. L. Joyce, manager; F. Smith, cashier; R. D. Townley, accountant
Northern Banking Company--W. Young, manager; A. V. Browne, cashier
Ulster Bank, Ltd.--James Morrow, J.P., manager; R. T. Smith, cashier; M. Flood, assistant


Larne and Inver National School--Principal, William J. Kennedy, B.A.; assistants, J. Barklie, Miss E. M'Manus, Miss O'Brien

Larne Grammar School--Head master, Jas. M'Quillan, M.A.; assistants, H. B. Dudley, T. W. Turnbull

Larne National Schools--Boys' department--Principal, A. Stewart; Miss M. Rocke, assistant. Girls' department--Principal, Miss Earls. Infant department--Miss Moore

Larne National School (No. 2)--Principal, F. Wright; assistants, Miss M'Kee and Miss Gilliand

North End National Schools--The M'Kenna Memorial--Principal, Thomas Clearkin; assistants, Mr. Cassidy, Mr. Connolly, and Mr. M'Shane. St. Mary's--Principal, Mother Superior and Sisters of Charity

Olderfleet National School, Curran street--Principal, Edward Young; assistant, Mr. M'Cullagh

Private Schools--Misses Alexander, Glenarm road; Miss Mackinlay, Barnhill terrace

Parochial National School--Principal, Andrew Johnston; assistants, Miss Brittain and Miss Graham

Larne Union--Board sits every Wednesday; 13 electoral divisions; valuation, 1906, £132,547 5s.; six guardians co-opted; 31 elected guardians. Chairman, Camp- bell W. Tweed, Cairncastle; vice-chairman, Colonel Duncan M'Neill, J.P.; treasurer, Belfast Banking Co., Larne; clerk, S. M. Wallace. Chaplains--Church of Ireland, vacant; Presbyterian, Rev. J. L. Donaghy; Roman Catholic, Rev. John M'Allister, P.P.; Medical officer, John Moore Killen, M.D.; master, Malcolm Fleming; matron, Mrs. Fleming; schoolmistress, Miss Martha B. Craig; porter, D. Higgins; relieving officers, Fullerton M'William (Larne), Robert M'Gowan (Glenarm), and Thomas G. Feeney (Carrickfergus). Elected Guardians for Larne Division--Col. Duncan M'Neill, J.P., Larne; Thos. M'Connell, Larne; John Drummond, Larne; P. Crawford, Larne; A. Jenkins, Larne

Commissioners for taking Affidavits--W. G. Younge, town clerk; D. N. Wiles, The Crannie; and James B. Cuthbert, Pound street

Civil Bill Officer--Edward Cuthbert, Meeting-house street

Dispensary, Larne Union--Open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 to 1 o'clock; medical officer, Dr. John Moore Killen

Poor-rate Collector--Stewart Shannon, Office, Town Hall

Registrar of Births and Deaths--Dr. John Moore Killen; deputy registrar, John M'Ninch, Dunluce street; office, Larne dispensary

Registrar of Marriages--Samuel M. Wallace; deputy, Rev. S. Maguire, office, Point street

Principal Coast Officer, Deputy Receiver of Wreck, and Deputy Supt. Mercantile Marine--John Millar, Larne Harbour. The district extends from the south-east bank of Glendun River, Cushendun Bay, to Blackhead, Islandmagee

Collector of Income-tax--John H. Blair, 27 Donegall place, Belfast

Harbour Master--Captain John Blair

Royal Irish Constabulary Station, Barnhill--District inspector, C. J. Lilly, Larne; head-constable, J. M'Hugh; 4 sergeants and 11 constables

Inspector of Weights and Measures--Sergt. Armstrong

Rural District Council--Council meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, immediately after the meeting of the Guardians--Chairman, C. W. Tweed, J.P.; vice-chairman, R. P. Lusk; clerk, S. M. Wallace. Valuation of Rural District, 1906, £104,096 2s. 0d.

Larne Golf Club--President, Colonel J. M. M'Calmont, M.P.; captain, Mr. John Gault, Larne; vice-captain, Mr. Bass Capper; honorary treasurer, Mr. W. Young; honorary secretary, J. F. Cousins, Bay road, Larne

Larne School Attendance Committee--Saml. Magill (chairman), Rev. J. L. Donaghy (vice-chairman), Rev. J. M'Alister, P.P.; Rev. P. Rafferty, C.C.; Rev. James Kennedy; secretary, W. G. Younge; Samuel Hannah, attendance officer

Larne Technical Instruction Committee-- Councillors--Dr. A. W. Hill, Samuel M'Mullan, Thomas M'Connell, Charles L. Mackean, Paul Picken, James M'Neill. Co-opted members--Samuel Magill, John Gault (vice-chairman), James Sutherland (chairman), T. L. Price, W. G. Younge

Smiley Cottage Hospital--Trustees, William Eccles, chairman; William N. Brown, J. W. M'Ninch, James Coey, treasurer; Charles L. Mackean, hon. secretary

Larne Hockey Club--Secretary, R. H. Common; captain and hon. treasurer, J. A. Haslett

Larne Gas Company, Limited--Works, Main street. Directors (elected annually)--D. N. Wiles, chairman; John Drummond, James Ferris, P. Crawford, Hugh Nelson and William Nelson; Alex. Erskine, secretary; R. Henderson, manager

Larne Markets Company, Limited--Opened 1864. Board meets second Monday of every month. Directors, P. M'Gregor, chairman; M. Crawford, Colonel M'Neill, J.P.; J. Fullerton, J. Drummond, D. N. Wiles, M. Roberts, and W. G. Dale; N. Carson, secretary and clerk of scales; auditor, S. Carson

Markets and Fairs--Pork, butter, eggs, potatoes, &c, on every Wednesday; grain on Tuesdays and Thursdays; straw every Thursday; cattle second Thursday of each month; fairs, July 31 and December 1

Newsroom--M'Garel Town Hall; managed by a committee elected annually; chairman, Samuel Magill; honorary secretary, Thos. Mayne; joint treasurers, A. V. Browne and D. Fullerton

Free Library Committee--Councillors--Dr. Wm. Shaw, S. Magill, Charles L. Mackean, John Drummond, Charles O'Boyle, Paul Picken. Ratepayers-- Chairman, James M'Quillan, M.A.; John Gault; vice-chairman, George R. Hutton; George Barton; Thomas Clearkin, hon. secretary

M'Garel Buildings--Overlooking the town and lough; erected at a cost of £8,000 by the late Mr. M'Garel. They provide a home for ten families, who must have been residents of the County Antrim. The trustees are--John Macauley J.P., D.L.; Colonel M'Neill, J.P.; George M'Ferran, J.P.; John W. Smith, J.P.; and Wm. Chaine, D.L., secretary. Meets every three months; superintendent, Samuel Hanna

Larne District Nursing Society--Honorary secretary, Mrs. Hanson; hon. treasurer, Mrs. A. Fisher; lady superintendent, Miss Coey

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Re: Larne (ca.1910) INHABITANTS

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Adrain, Dr. James, Main street
Anderson, ironmonger and grocer, Bridge street
Atkins & Co., linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, hatters, glovers, and outfitters, &c, 2 Dunluce street
Apsley, S. & L., high-class stationers and newsagents
Atkinson, Mrs., 15 Irene terrace, Glenarm road
Atkinson, The Misses, 3 Clonlee
Austin, William, grocer, Pound street
Bailie, Samuel, Kilwaughter Lime Works
Barklie, J. & A., linen merchants and bleachers
Barr, Thomas, outfitter, &c, Agnew street
BARTON, GEORGE, Merchant Tailor, General Draper, Milliner, &c, The Arcade, Dunluce street and Point street
Baxter, Mrs. Wm., hotel proprietor, Main street
Bell, John, state Line Hotel, Main street
Blair, Mrs., temperance hotel, Station road
BONUGLI, FEDELE, Confectioner and Ice Cream Merchant
Boyd, James, grocer and merchant, Curran street
Boyd, John, boot and shoe maker, Dunluce street
Brown, W. N. & C. J., Larne Weaving Co.
Bruce, John, roper, Point street
Buchanan, Mrs. James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, Main street
Buchanan, Rev. C. H. L., M.A., Kilwaughter
Burton, Robert, Roddens villa
Bustard, A. V., Gardenmore house
Campbell, Mrs., Barnhill
CAMPBELL, D., & CO., Woollendrapers, Bridge Street and Dunluce Street
Canning, John A., Edenvale, Roddens
CARLETON, GOODWIN H., Pharmaceutical Chemist, and Photographic Requisites, Dunluce Street
Carmichael, John, Clonlee
Carson, N., Larne markets
Carson, T., groceries, provision and coal merchant, Pound street
Chaine, W., D.L., Cairncastle lodge
Clarke, Mrs. Stewart, Cairnhu
Clearkin, Thomas, Ardnagreen, Victoria st.
CLOSE, M., Dunluce Street, Newsagent, and Stationer, Fancy Goods, &c.
Coey, James, Ardeen
Coey, The Misses, Ardeen
Compton, James, Station road
Cousins, J. F., Bay road
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant
Crawford, P., innkeeper, Main street
Crawford, Samuel, spirit grocer, Main st.
Crawford, William, spirit merchant, Main street
Crooks, John, 1 Olderfleet cottages
Crooks, J. S., M.R.C.V.S., Main street
Crooks, W. J., Model farm
Cuthbert, J. 13., draper, Pound street
Dale, W. J., Stanley villa
Dallat, C, carpenter, Main street
Davison, Charles, tailor and. draper, Station street
Devine, James, fishmonger, Point street
Diamond, Mary, grocer, Victoria street
Donaghy, Rev. John Lyle, The Manse
Drummond, John, spirit dealer, Mill street
Driscoll, W. J., Cathline villas, Curran st.
Dummer, E. G., Royal Private and Commercial Hotel (late Lester's), Cross street and Dunluce street
Earls, Mary, milliner, Pound street
Eccles, William, Main street
English, Captain Thomas, Bonavista terrace
English, John, Thorndale avenue
English, Thomas F., baker, Main street
Evans, David, spirit merchant, Point street
Evans, Joseph, spirit merchant, Point street
Falloon, Miss, Main street
Feeney, Mrs., spirit merchant, Pound street
FERRIS BROS., Drapers, Milliners, and High-Class Dressmakers, Dunluce
Street, Larne; and Shaftesbury Square, Belfast
Ferris, James, builder and contractor, Circular road
Fisher, Mrs. Alfred, Invermore
Fleming Bros., grocers and seedsmen, Main street
Fleming, Malcolm, grocer, china, delf, and earthenware merchant, Point street
Fleming, Thomas, The Nursery
Forbes, Miss, 3 Erection villas
FORTE, ALFONSO, Ices and Confectionery, 6 and 79 Main Street
Foster, Edward, grocer and hardware merchant
Fullerton, David, grocer and tobacconist, Cross street and Main street
FULLERTON, DAVID, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Glass China, and Fancy Goods, 30, 32, 34 Main Street
Garvey, Agnes, spirit merchant, Mill street
Gault Bros., timber, iron, and slate merchants, Station road
Dorman, Allan, timber and slate merchant, Cross street
Gault, Mrs., Main street
Gawn, Mrs., Ardmoyle
Geddis, William, hardware merchant, Dunluce street
Gettinby, M., draper, milliner, and merchant tailor, Main street
Giffen, Robert, 3 Olderfleet terrace
Gilfillan, Rev. Ewing, Mounthill
Gilmore & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, Main street
Gingles, John, spirit merchant, Cross street
Girvan, Hugh, carpenter and builder, Station road
Glover, Alexander B., commission agent, 41 Newington avenue
Gordon, Alexander, draper and manufacturers' agent, Station road
Gordon, James, Prince's gardens
Greenless, Margaret, fancy draper, Main st.
Gregg, George, road contractor, Glenarm road
GYNN & CO., Printers, Stationers, Fancy Goodsmen, and Newsagents, 22 Main Street
HALLIDAY BROS., Family Grocers and Hardware Merchants, Cross Street
Hanson, Rev. D. H., B.A., Gardenmore manse
Harbinson, W. J. R., Ivy Bank
Haveron, Samuel, fruiterer, Main street
Heggarty, John, J.P., Clonlee villa
Heggie, J. S., manager Burns' steamers, Royal terrace
Higginson, E., boot and shoe manufacturer, Dunluce street
Hill. Dr. Samuel, Pound street
Hillis Bros., shipowners and coal merchants, Dunluce street
Hunter, Mrs. Jane, Thornlea, Larne
Hunter, William, wholesale and retail provision merchant, 19 Dunluce street
Hutchinson, Robert, temperance hotel, Main street
HUTTON, G. R., & CO., Linen Merchants, Main Street
Inglis, Alex. K., registered plumber, Point street
Jackson, J. H., Larne Cloth Company, Barnhill terrace
Jackson, W. J., victualler, Main street
Jeffrey, William, Clarence terrace
Jenkins, Alex., monuments, tombstones, and headstones, Station road
Jenkins, Robert, grocer, Dunluce street
Jenks, Mrs., Chelmsford place
Johnston, Captain, Glynn house
Johnston, James, woodturner, Station road
Joyce, J. L., manager Belfast Bank
Kane Bros., Larne foundry
Kane, Wm., shoemaker, Pound street
Kane, Wm., draper, 3 Mill street
Keenan, Wm., barber, Main street
Kennedy, Rev. James, The Manse, Larne
Kennedy, Wm. J., B.A., Barnhill
Killen, John M., M.D., Main street
King's Arms Hotel, Main street (H. M'Neill, Limited, proprietors)
Kirkpatrick, David, Clonlee
Kirkpatrick, John, baker, Mill street
Kirkwood, John, grocer and chemist, Mill street
Laharna Hotel, Main street
Lappin, James, 1 Marine villas
Larne Electric Light Works, Ltd., Point street--M. G. Smyth, A.M.I.E.E., engineer and manager
"Larne Times" Offices, 4 Dunluce street. Published on Thursday morning
Law, Louisa, tobacconist, Barnhill
Lawson, William, Glenarm road
Legge, John, grocer and tobacconist, Dunluce street and Main street
Lennon, N., draper, Main street
Lilly, C. I., D.I.R.I.C., Barnhill terrace
Longmore Bros., hardware merchants, The Open
MACAULAY, THOMAS, Spirit Merchant, Ferris's lane
Mack, E. W., photographer, Main street
Mackean, Charles L., Merchiston, Roddens road
Mackinlay, The Misses, intermediate school, Barnhill
Magee, Ellen, spirit merchant, Main street
Magill & Nelson, general drapers, Cross st.
Mann, William, boot and shoe maker, Main street
Maxwell, John, sanitary inspector, Curran road
Mayne, Thomas, 35 Barnhill terrace
Moffet, Samuel, plumber, Old Glenarm road
Moore, Robert, grocer, Barnhill
Morrow, James, J.P., Ulster Bank house
Morrow, James, saddler, The Open
Mulvenna, Felix, grocer, Main street
Mulvenna, John, grocer, Station road
Murray, John, Seaview villa, Curran street
Murray, William, Berea
Myres, James, painter, Barnhill
M'CALMONT, E. J., General Printing Works (opposite Carnegie Library)
M'Allister, J. & A., victuallers. Dunluce st.
M'Auley, John, plumber, Barnhill
M'Callister, J. B., St. John's place
M'Claughrey, A., general draper, millinery and mantle warehouse, Main street
M'Clure, T., painter and glazier, Station road
M'Connell, Thomas, woollendraper, Dunluce street; res., Dunboyne
M'Cormick, Mrs., 2 Clonlee
M'Cully, Robert, Larne Brickfields
M'Curdy, John, coachbuilder, Point street
M'Dowell, Mrs., saddle and leather merchant, Cross street
M'Erlean, Mrs., flesher, Pound street
M'Ferran, George, J.P., Drumagreagh house
M'Gregor, Peter, Clonlee
M'Keown, Mrs. John, Sunbeamville
M'Killop, R., flesher, Point street
M'Kinstry, N., fruiterer, Main street
M'Laughlin, M., innkeeper, Station road
M'Meekin, Wm., nail, iron, and coal merchant
M'MEEKIN, S., & CO., Merchant Tailors, General Drapers and Outfitters, The Open
M'Mullan, Mrs., temperance hotel, Station road
M'MULLAN, W. H., Pharmaceutical Chemist, Main Street
M'Neill, Colonel, J.P., The Corran
M'Neill, Henry, Limited, proprietors of Main Street Hotel, King's Arms Hotel, Lancashire and Yorkshire Hotel, Eagle Hotel, Garron Tower Hotel, and posting establishment
M'Neill, Mrs. W. W., Sallagh
M'Neill, Wm., builder and carpenter, Victoria street
M'Ninch, James W., solicitor, Cross street
M'Ninch, John, family grocer and provision merchant, and implement dealer, Dunluce street
M'QUILLAN, MRS. DAVID, Grocer, Meal, and Flour Merchant, 24 Dunluce street
M'Quillan, James, M.A., head-master Grammar School
M'Roberts, Matthew, Glynn View villa
M'Seveney, Robert, 4 Bellevue terrace
M'William, Mrs., Main street
Nelson, David A., Roddens road
Nelson, John, barber, Mill street
Olderfleet Hotel Co., Ltd., Larne harbour
Oulton, Rev. Richard C, A.M., Glynn
Owens, James, stoker, Point street
OWENS & MAGEE, Practical Bootmakers, Main Street
O'Boyle, Charles, Main street
O'Brien, Hugh, Seymour cottage
O'Rorke, M'Donald & Tweed, solicitors, Main street
PATTON, W., Flesher, The Open
Picken, Paul, director Shipbuilding Company, Larne harbour
Pinkerton, David, engineering and cycle works, Point street
Pinkerton, William, town surveyor, Point st.
Pollock Bros., jewellers and watchmakers, Cross street and Main street
Price, T. L., manager "Larne Times," Brynheulog, 4 Dunluce street
Rainey & Hall, coal merchants, Circular rd.
Rankin, Mrs., 1 Royal terrace
Rankin, William, The Cottage, Larne harbour
Rea, Mrs., Temperance dining-rooms, Main street
Richardson & Smith, coachbuilders, Circular road
Robinson, T., spirit merchant, Manchester hotel
Ross, John, Rosevilla, Clonlee
Ross, Mrs. A., draper, Curran street
Ross, R. T., & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, Dunluce street and Cross street
Rossboro, Robert, saddler, Point street
Rutherford, Henry E., M.D., Main street
Scott, J. Gordon, solicitor, Main street
SEMPLE, WILLIAM, Hairdressing and Shaving Saloon, Point Street
Shamrock Shipping Company, Curran
Sharpe, Henry, Back road
Simms, James, Bellevue terrace
Simms, Robert, painter and glazier, Main street
Smiley, Hugh Holmes, solicitor, Main st.
Smiley, Captain Sir J. R., Bart., Drumalis
Smith, Mrs. John Gault, Kilwaughter Castle
Smith, Thomas, Erection villas
Smyth, J. W., J.P., Duneira
Smyth, The Misses, Duneira
Smythe, M. J., electrical engineer, Roddens road
Streight, James, watchmaker, Main street
Stuart, Thomas, stationer and photographer
Sutherland, James, manager the British Aluminium Company, Limited
"Sunbeam" Acetylene Gas Company, Ltd., patentees and manufacturers, Sunbeam Plant and Carbide works, Inver, Larne
Taggart, Charles, draper,. Cross street
Thompson, Rev. Eustace, Cairncastle
Trotter, George, plumber and gasfitter, Main street
Tyler & Sons, bootmakers, Main street
Walker, James, auctioneer and valuer
Wallace, S. M., clerk of Union, Point street
Weatherup, Lizzie, draper, etc., Cross street
Weir & Son, newsagents, 10 Main street
White, Hugh, draper and clothier, Dunluce street
Whiteside, W. & R., grocers, Dunluce street
Wiles, D. N., clerk of petty sessions, Crannie
Williams, Captain, Larne harbour
Williams, Mrs, Alexander, Larkhill house
WILLIAMS, W. W., Solicitor, Main Street
Wilson, James, Chaine villa, Larne
Wilson, J. W., M.D., Main street
WILSON & STRAIN, LTD., Bakers, Main Street
Wilson, Thomas, merchant tailor and milliner, Curran street
Young, Hugh G., auctioneer, valuator, and house agent, 6 Cross street
Younge, W. G., town clerk, Prince's gdns.

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Re: Larne (ca.1910) FARMERS

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Acheson, John, St. Cunning, Cairncastle
Aicken, Robert, Ballygally, Cairncastle
Alexander, William, Ballyrudder, Cairncastle
Allen, John, Ballytober, Cairncaste
Arnold, James P., Browndodd, Larne
Bailie, Samuel M., Rorysglen, Kilwaughter
Barbour, John. Ballyhacket, Cairncastle
Beggs, Hugh, Headwood, Kilwaughter
Blair, Hugh, Ballygally, Cairncastle
Blair, Robert, Newlands, Magheramorne
Boyd, Joseph, Sheriffsland, Kilwaughter
Boyd, R., Ballycraigy, Larne
Boyd, James, Ballycraigy, Larne
Bradford, James, Craiganee, Magheramorne
Brady, Robert, Lisnahan, Cairncastle
Brown, James, Corkermain, Cairncastle
Brown, Samuel, Ballysnodd, Larne
Calwell, H. B., Sallagh, Cairncastle
Campbell, Daniel, Killyglen, Cairncastle
Carmichael, Wm., Ballywillan, Cairncastle
Clark, Mrs. Stewart, Cairndhu, Cairncastle
Coey, Edward, J.P., Droagh, Cairncastle
Craig, Ephraim, Newlands, Magheramorne
Craig, James, Ballyrickardmore, Raloo
Craig, William, Carneal, Raloo
Crawford, Matthew, Toreagh, Raloo
Crawford, Robert, Fourscoreacre, Cairncastle
Crawford, W. S., Killyglen, Cairncastle
Dale, John, Ballyrudder, Cairncastle
Dempsey, Daniel, Ballygilbert, Cairncastle
Donald, James, Ballyrickard, Raloo
Donald, W. J., Altilevelly, Raloo
Drummond, Andrew, Ballyvernstown, Larne
Drummond, William, Ballylig, Magheramorne
Dundee, Charles, Redhall, Ballycarry
English, John, Newlands, Magheramorne
English, Robert, Brownsbay, Islandmagee
Eslar, Robert, Drumodonaghy, Kilwaughter
Fullerton, Wm., Ballysnodd, Larne
Gibb, A. B., Ballyedward, Magheramorne
Gibson, Alexander, Blackcave, Larne
Gingles, James, Ballymullock, Cairncastle
Gingles, Thomas, Hightown, Kilwaughter
Gray, David, Carneal, Raloo
Greenlees, Andrew, Kilwaughter, Larne
Graham, John, reps., Ballypollard, Magheramorne
Hamilton, J., Mullaghmossan, Magheramorne
Hill, Thomas, Craiganee, Magheramorne
Holden, Thomas, Ballykeel, Larne
Hunter, Alexander, Ballylig, Magheramorne
Hunter, Samuel, Ballygawley, Cairncastle
Kirkpatrick, J., J.P., Ballymullock, Larne
Lusk, R. P., Bailyboley, Larne.
Lyle, Robert J., Toreagh, Raloo
Meharg, James, Ballyhempton, Larne
Moore, Andrew R., Altilevelly, Raloo
Moore, Thomas, Ballyryland, Raloo
Morton, Matthew, Ballygilbert, Cairncastle
Morton, -- Cairncastle
M'Auley, Andrew, Greenland
M'Auley, James, Greenland, Larne
M'Auley, Robert, Ballygally, Cairncastle
M'Caffrey, Edward and Bernard, Blackcave, Larne
M'Clelland, James, Ballygally, Larne
M'Cluggage, James, Ballyboley, Larne
M'Cluggage, Joseph, Ballyvernstown, Larne
M'Cluggage, William H., Carnduff, Larne
M'Clure, Patrick, Ballyboley, Larne
M'Cormick, Samuel, Cockermain, Cairncastle
M'Dowell, James, jun., Ballywillan, Larne
M'Dowell, R. J., Ballyhone, Larne
M'Dowell, Samuel, Hightown, Kilwaughter
M'Fall, Archibald, Ballyloran, Larne
M'Fall, J. C, Ballyloran, Larne
M'Ilroy, J. Robert, Ballyfore, Larne
M'Ilwaine, John, Ballysnodd, Larne
M'Ilwaine, Robert, Ballyhampton, Larne
M'Kay, Hugh, Ballytober, Larne
M'Kee, James, Ballygally, Cairncastle
M'Loughlin, Ellen, Cockermain, Cairncastle
M'Neill, Andrew, Killyglen, Larne
M'Neill, Archibald, Blackcave, Larne
M'Ninch, Robert, Hightown, Kilwaughter, Larne
M'Ninch, Thomas W., Ballyboley, Larne
M'Quillan, Bernard, Fourscoreacre, Cairncastle
M'Robert, Samuel, Ballygowan, Raloo
Nelson, Andrew, Ballyhampton, Larne
Nelson, Andrew, Drains Bay house, Larne
Nelson, Wm., jun., Rorysglen, Kilwaughter
Nelson, William, Lealies, Kilwaughter
Nelson, James, Ballywillan, Larne
Peoples, James, Killyglen, Larne
Pennal, Robert, Ballyrickard, Raloo
Pennal, W. J. & John, Ballyrickard, Raloo
Phillips, Daniel, Ballyloran, Larne
Porritt, W. J., Ballycarry
Rainey, Isaac, Drains, Larne
Rea, James, Mullaghmossan, Magheramorne
Robinson, Thomas, Sallagh, Cairncastle
Robinson, William, Carnduff, Larne
Rock, Mrs. John, Rorysglen, Kilwaughter
Rock, Samuel, Rorysglen, Kilwaughter
Shaw, David L., Ballyvallough, Raloo
Shaw, James, Ballyvernstown, Larne
Shaw, Mrs. A., Ballyhackett, Cairncastle
Shaw, Mrs. A., Ballyhackett, Cairncastle
Smiley, Hugh, Dromain, Larne
Smith, Mrs. Galt, The Castle, Kilwaughter
Snoddy, James, Antiville, Larne
Snoddy, Robert, Browndodd, Larne
Stewart, Thomas, Ballyhackett, Cairncastle
Streight, William, Carnduff, Larne
Tweed, C. W., J.P., Ballycoose, Cairncastle
Tweed, John, Ballygally, Cairncastle
Tweed, William, Fourscoreacre, Cairncastle
Wallace, Samuel, Boydstown, Kilwaughter
Wilson, Hugh, Drumnahoe, Kilwaughter
Wilson, William, Ballygawn, Cairncastle
Workman, John, Ballytober, Cairncastle
Workman, Robert, Ballycraigy, Larne
Wright, Samuel, Ballyedward, Magheramorne

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