Repository: Down and Connor (R.C.) Diocesan Archive Belfast

For anybody that is willing to share information on what records can be obtained from offical sources as PRONI FHC, LDS,etc or
other sources as newspapers, or local knowledge, local books etc.. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Repository: Down and Connor (R.C.) Diocesan Archive Belfast

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Formno: 2899

Repository: Down and Connor (Roman Catholic) Diocesan Archive, Belfast

Access: Restricted

Main reference: A-T

Date: c1779-c1989

Century: 18th, 19th, 20th

Description: Material under 50 years of age is generally not available for consultation. The following is a selection of some of the material which is available in this repository, given with a reference number:
A. 18th Century correspondence and correspondence dating from the period pre-Bishop Hugh McMullan (pre-1779).

B. Correspondence of Bishops Hugh McMullan, Patrick McMullan and Father William McMullan, 1779-1825.

C. Correspondence of Bishop/Archbishop William Crolly, 1825-1835.

Do. Correspondence of Bishop Patrick Dorrian, 1865-1885.

E. Information relating to education, for example:
E.16/1 Saint Brigid's Home for the Blind, 1921-1957. This collection includes miscellaneous correspondence and short history of the orphanage, 1931-1938.

E.16/2 Immaculata Special School, 1957-1989, including correspondence, School Committee Minutes, Board of Governors Minutes and general and financial administration.

Episcopal correspondence, including, for example:
EP.1 Correspondence of Bishop Patrick McAlister, 19th century.

EP.2 Correspondence of Bishop Henry Henry.

EP.3 Correspondence of Bishop John Tohill.

EP.4 Correspondence of Bishop Joseph McRory, 20th century.

EP.5 Correspondence of Bishop Daniel Mageean, 20th century [the correspondence broken down into general letters, political matters, correspondence with Holy See and theological matters.]

EP.6 Correspondence of Bishop William Philbin, 20th century [the correspondence broken down into general letters, political matters, correspondence with Holy See and theological matters.]

EP.7 Correspondence of Bishop Cahal Daly, 20th century [the correspondence broken down into general letters, political matters, correspondence with Holy See and theological matters.]

L. Information relating to lay organisations, for example:
L.1 Apostolic work.

L.2 Belfast Catholic Institute from 1859.

L.3 Catholic Trust Society.

L.5 Guild of Ss. Cosmas and Damian.

L.6 Cathecists' Convert Guild.

L.7 Catholic Marriage Advisory Council/Service.

L.9 Catholic Drama.

L.10 Catholic Deaf and Dumb Association.

L.11 Catholic Girl Guides.

L.13 Legion of Mary.

L.15 Catholic Nurses Guild.

L.16 Pioneer Association.

L.17 An Rioghacht.

L.19 Saint Vincent de Paul Society, including the Seamen's Institute and Prisoners' Aid).

L.20 Young Christian Worker.

L.21 Pax Romana.

L.23 Workers' College.

L.24 Opus Dei

L.25 Family Rosary Crusade

L.26 League for Prayer for the canonisation of Oliver Plunkett.

L.27 Catholic Family Movement.

L.28 Conference of Catholic Organisations.

L.29 Catholic Social Conference.

L.30 Belfast Housing Aid Society.

L.31 Lay Retreat Organisation.

L.32 Unio Catholica

L.33 Social Study Circles, 1932-1934.

L.34 Minority Rights Association.

L.35 Central Citizens' Defence Committee.

L.36 Association for Legal Justice.

L.37 Eucharistic Legion/League of Daily Mass.

L.38 Confraternities, including, for example:
(i) Archconfraternity of Sacred Heart
(ii) Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
(iii) Rosary Confraternity
(iv) Association of Miraculous Medal.

L.39 International Catholic Girls' Protection Society.

L.40 Diocesan Pastoral Council.


L.42 Latin Mass Association.

L. 43 Association of Saint Joseph the Worker.

L.45 Down and Connor Benefit (Friendly) Society, 1932.

L.46 Newman Society.

L.47 Charismatic Renewal.

L.48 Catholic Information Centre.

L.49 Ancient Order of Hibernians.

L.50 Itinerants/Travellers.

L.51 Trocaire.

L.52 Commission on Family Life.

L.53 LIFE and SPUC (Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child).

L.54 Italian Society.

L.55 Maria Duce and Fiat.

L.56 Catholic Social Welfare Bureau.

L.57 Engaged Encounter.

L.58 Family Care Society.

LT. Information relating to the liturgy, including, for example:
LT.2/6 Holy Order Sacraments.

LT.2/7 Matrimonial Sacraments.

MD. Information relating to the media, including, for example:
MD.5 Films, reviews.

MD.7 Committee of Documentation on Public Opinion, 1957.

MD.8 Family and Media Association.

MH.1 Information relating to the Mater Hospital, Belfast, Board of Management, Trustees Minutes etc., including, for example:
MH.1/5/1 Mater nursing staff, School of Nursing.

MH.2 Mater Maternity Unit.

N. Information relating to national and cultural organisations, including, for example:

N.1 Mac Rory Park.

N.2 Connradh na Gaeilge.

N.3 National Graves Association.

N.4 Green Cross.

N.5 Political parties.

N.5/1 Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP).

O. Information relating to the Orphan Society, including for example:

O.1 History of Saint Patrick's Orphan Society.

O.2 Foundling Home, reports, from 1914.

O.3 Episcopal correspondence relating to the Orphan Society.

O.3/ Orphan Society Sub-Committee Reports.

O.3/2 Extern children, from Derry, Armagh etc.

O.3/3 Saint Patrick's Guild, Dublin, Central Council of Catholic Adoption.

O.3/4 Reports on the home.

O.4/1/1 Minutes of the Orphan Society.

O.4/1/2 Membership of committee.

O.4/2/1 Finance.

O.4/2/2 Church and card collections.

O.4/3 Legal cases.

O.5 Annual reports of Society.

O.6 Nazareth Lodge Welfare Committee receipts, 1966-1969.

O.7 White Babies', Saint Joseph's Rescue Diocesan Children's Fund.

O.8 Saint Joseph's Babies Home.

O.9 Down and Connor Catholic Welfare and Care Society.

O.10 Government Statutes and acts, etc.

OL. and OLT. Information relating to O'Laverty and the O'Laverty Trust.

P. Information relating to various parishes, including, for example:
P.2 Census, denoting the number of marriages and baptisms.

P.8 Bishop Mageean's episcopal correspondence regarding individual parishes.

P.9 Bishop Philbin's episcopal correspondence regarding individual parishes.

PX. Information relating to separate parishes, individually listed, including announcement books, baptism and marriage books etc. For example:
PX.3 Antrim Catholic Chapel, includes announcement books 1927-1934 and the minutes of the Hall Committee, 1959-1962.

PX.3/b Saint Joseph's, Antrim, including announcements 1985-1992.

PX.7 Ballyclare, including, for example:
PX.7/2 Baptism and Marriage Register 1869-1928.

PX.10 Ballyphilip, Portaferry including, for example:
PX.10/3 Christian Doctrine Society, 1912-1914
PX.10/4 Portaferry Catholic Club, no date
PX.10/6 Census books, 1960-1961,1968-77 and 1980
PX.10/7 Sick Call Book, 1963-1979
PX.10/8 Announcement Book, 1971-1974.

PX.11 Bangor and Ballyholme, including, for example:
PX.11/1 Lists of relief cases, 1896-1920
PX.11/2 Notebook recording confirmations on register, 1917-1942 and a death register, 1918-1945
PX.11/5 Record of mixed marriages in the parish, c1930
PX.11/8 Catholic Trust Society meetings, 1925-1930
PX.11/16 Bangor Sunday School Girls, 1947-1954
PX.11/22 First Communion Girls 1952-1959.

PX.38 Ballymena and Cregbilly, including, for example:
PX.38/5 Parish wills and legacies of All Saint's Church, Ballymena.

PX.39 Larne, including, for example:
PX.39/2 Letter regarding Charles McGael and Elizabeth Montgomery Charities
PX.39/6 Census returns, 1950-1960.

PX.43 Newcastle, including, for example:
PX.43/12 Confraternity of Sacred Heart, 1955-1957
PX.43/14 Offertory Campaign Minutes, 1964-1965
PX.43/15 Census, 1955.

PX.44 Newtownards, including, for example:
PX.44/5 Records of those buried in Killysuggan graveyard 1902-1938.

PX.50 Saintfield, including, for example:
PX.50/1 A register of names of those on whom insufficient information could not be found to fulfil the conditions of the Ne Temere decree
PX.50/2-3 Announcement books, January 1953-December 1963.

PX.52 Skerry (Glenravel), including, for example:
PX.52/12 Records of births, baptisms, 1917-1942
PX.52/13 Announcement books, 1921-1972
PX.52/18 Census books 1938-1970
PX.52/20 Register of sick calls, 1948-1953, 1959-1981 and 1984.

PX.57 Saint Joseph's, Belfast including, for example:
PX.57/9 Announcement books, 1922-1975 (not conclusive)
PX.57/13 Parish Committee Minutes, 1961
PX.57/15 Sick call book 1950-1954.

PX.65 Saint James', Whiteabbey, including, for example:
PX.65/1 Offertory Parish Committee minutes, 1964-1980
PX.65/10 Documents relating to the purchase of land for a new convent 1984-1985.

PX.69 Saint Mary's on the Hill, Glengormley, including, for example:
PX.69/1 Church file, 1896-1954
PX.69/3-4 Saint Vincent de Paul Conference minutes, 1928-1934
PX.69/10 Announcement books 1948-1953.

PX.82 Sacred Heart, Belfast including, for example:
PX.82/16 Applications for assistance from 1 January 1897 and various minutes from Saint Vincent de Paul Conference 1905-1950 (not conclusive)
PX.82/27-8 Sick call registers, 1932-1936 and 1939-1943.

PX.83 Whitehouse, including, for example:
PX.83/19-20 Sick call books, 1964-1969.

Q. Photographs, including, for example:
Q.5 Photographs of religious houses, for example:
Q.5/1/5 Photographs of the Dominican Convent.

Q.6 Photographs of lay organisations, for example:
Q.6/13 Photographs of the Legion of Mary.

Q.7 Photographs of colleges, for example:
Q.7/3 Photographs of Saint Mary's Training College, Belfast.

Q.9 2 boxes of the Dorothy Horton photographic collection, comprising of plate, negatives and photographs, separately indexed.

Q.10 Father D Curran's photographs, including some photographs of religious sisters.

R. Information relating to religious sisters, for example:
R.1/1 Adoration Sisters
R.1.2 Assumption Sisters
R.1.3 Bon Secours
R.1/4 Daughters of Charity, Saint Vincent de Paul
R.1/5 Dominican, including, for example:
R.1/5/1 Dominican Sisters, Falls Road, Belfast
R.1/5/2 Dominican Sisters, Fortwilliam, Belfast
R.1/5/3 Dominican Sisters, Aquinas Hall, Belfast
R.1/5/4 Portstewart
R.1/6 Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
R.1/7 Good Shepherd, including Sisters of the Cross
R.1/8 Holy Cross
R.1/9 Mercy, including, for example:
R.1/9/1 Sisters of Mercy, Crumlin Road, Belfast
R.1/9/2 Sisters of Mercy, Beechmount
R.1/9/3 Sisters of Mercy, Downpatrick
R.1/9/4 Sisters of Mercy, Sussex Place, Belfast
R.1/9/5 Sisters of Mercy, Helen's Bay
R.1/9/6 Sisters of Mercy, Whiteabbey
R.1/9/7 Sisters of Mercy, Donaghadee
R.1/10 Cross and Passion, including, for example:
R.1/10/1 Sisters of the Cross and Passion, Ballymacarret
R.1/10/2 Sisters of the Cross and Passion, Larne
R.1/10/3 Sisters of the Cross and Passion, Ballycastle
R.1/11 Nazareth
R.1.12 Poor Clares
R.1.13 Sacred Heart of Jesus
R.1/14 Presentation
R.1/15 Sacred Heart of Mary
R.1/16 Saint Louis, including, for example:
R.1/16/1 Sisters of Saint Louis, Ballymena
R.1/16/2 Sisters of Saint Louis, Belfast
R.1/16/3 Sisters of Saint Louis, Kilkeel
R.1/17 Daughters of Jesus
R.1/18 Our Lady of the Missions

S.23 Sacerdotes - Confessors for nuns.

T. Information relating to theology, including, for example:
T.1/7 on matrimony.


Repository: Down and Connor (R.C.) Diocesan Archive Belfast

Post by Christopher »

Hello Irishgen,

Whereabouts is the Down and Connor (R.C.) Diocesan Archive located in Belfast?

Is it at the Diocesan Offices at 73 Somerton Road, BELFAST. BT15 4DE?

Is one allow to walk in and look at items immediately or is it better fo phone beforehand and make an appointment?


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No idea?

Post by admi »

Hi Christopher,

I have no idea as I have never had need to visit or look them up. I came across these lists of what is available at the different places when doing a google search for "Larne" which is my principle area of research. Was searching the National Archives, Dublin for Larne and WW1

Just trying to educate people on what is to be found that could be of interest to some.

Just ask a local catholic priest would be my advice.



PS: I live in the Netherlands and rarely get to Ireland, North or South these days. Maybe next summer. So do all my research via the Internet or in London with a few helpers in the North(when they have a few free moments)

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