Repository:PRONI,Belfast-Larne Rural District Council Record

For anybody that is willing to share information on what records can be obtained from offical sources as PRONI FHC, LDS,etc or
other sources as newspapers, or local knowledge, local books etc.. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Repository:PRONI,Belfast-Larne Rural District Council Record

Post by irishgen » 07 Sep 2007, 14:18

Formno: 4113

Repository: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast

Collection: Larne Rural District Council Records

Main reference: LA/44

Date: 1899-1973

Century: 19th, 20th

Description: Local Authority records are closed for 30 years from the date of the last document, although sensitive material is subject to extended closure. The records of Larne Rural District Council include, for example:
LA/44/1C Attendance register, 1948-1973.

LA/44/2FA/1-53 Larne Rural District Council minute books, 1899-1973.

LA/44/2FB/1-6 Quarterly meeting minute books, 1900-1973.

LA/44/7AA/1-2 School Attendance Committee minute books, 1900-1925.

LA/44/9C/1-10 Health registers of infectious diseases including tuberculosis and zymotic diseases, 1902-1948.

LA/44/9D/1-8 Health report books, 1901-1951.

LA/44/12C/1-4 Housing registers, 1907-1920.

LA/44/12H/1 Tenancy papers, 1909-1949.

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