Records & Townlands of the parish of Drummaul.

For anybody that is willing to share information on what records can be obtained from offical sources as PRONI FHC, LDS,etc or
other sources as newspapers, or local knowledge, local books etc.. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Records & Townlands of the parish of Drummaul.

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The Parish of Drummaul borders on the parishes of Ahoghill, Connor and Antrim.
The parish contains the following townlands:-

Aghaboy Barnish Drumsough Mount Shalgus
Aghaloughan Caddy Farlough Muckleramer
Andraid Clare Feehogue Portlee
Artresnahan Cloghogue Gortagharn Procklis
Aughalish Clonboy Groggan Randalstown
Ballealy South Clonkeen Kilknock Shane's Castle Park
Ballydunmaul Coolsythe Killyfad Sharvogues
Ballygrooby Cormorant Rock Leitrim Skady Tower
Ballylurgan Craigmore Lenagh Tamlaght
Ballymacilroy Creagh Lisnagreggan Tannaghmore
Ballynacraigy Downkillybegs Lurgan West Terrygowan
Ballynaleney Drumanaway Magherabeg
Ballytresna Drummaul Magheralane

These records are to found at the PRONI Belfast :-

Drummaul Church of Ireland

Baptisms1823 to 1875; marriages 1823 to 1846; burials 1823 to 1877

Randalstown Methodist Church

Baptisms 1829 to 1987

Randalstown Old Presbyterian Church

Baptisms 1853 to 1944; marriages 1845 to 1922

Randalstown 1st Presbyterian Church

Marriages 1845 to 1934

Randalstown 2nd Presbyterian Church

Baptisms 1850 to 1986; marriages 1845 to 1936.

Randalstown Roman Catholic Church

Baptisms 1825 to 1881; marriages 1825 to 1884; deaths 1837 to 1848
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Ahogil/ Drummual


I have ancestors from this area, Christie's, Gardiners, Morrows, Stra(c)hans
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