Information & Townlands of the parish of the Shankill

For anybody that is willing to share information on what records can be obtained from offical sources as PRONI FHC, LDS,etc or
other sources as newspapers, or local knowledge, local books etc.. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Information & Townlands of the parish of the Shankill

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The Parish of Shankill.
It consists of these townlands.

Altigarron Ballyaghagan Ballybought Ballycullo
Ballydownfine Ballygammon Ballygomartin Ballymagarry
Ballymoney Ballymurphy Ballysillan Lower Ballysillan Upper
Ballyvaston Ballywonard Black Mountain Divis Dunmurry
Edenderry Englishtown Green Castle Hannahstown
Legoneil Low Wood Malone Lower Malone Upper
Old Park Skegoneill Tom of the Tae-end Townparks

The Parish of Shankill is only one half on Belfast.
Belfast is divided by the River Lagan, starting at the Belfast Lough and goes in roughly a west south west direction.
Now adays west and north Belfast would be in the Parish of Shankill while south and east Belfast would be in the parish of Knockbreda.
In the whole of Belfast there are approx. 124 Churches.
If you need to research in Belfast, you need to gain as much insight into their religious denomination, as well as the area where the family lived.
Belfast attracted many families in from the country or from Scotland and England during the 19th century mainly to gain employment.
The families would generally stay, as there was not much future in the rural areas they came from. Usually you will find second and third generations that move away.

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