McAdory in Atlanta, Georgia - USA

Trying to locate all the McAdory-McAdorey worldwide but mainly Co. Antrim

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McAdory in Atlanta, Georgia - USA

Post by jillmcadory »

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jillian McAdory and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. My parents and their parents and their parents are from Mississippi and Alabama. I have lived many places in the U.S. and I have never come across anyone who has ever heard the name "McAdory". I feel unique and special to have that last name.

Does anyone have any information about the McAdory migration from Ireland to the U.S. - I would love to here the story.


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McAdorys from Mississippi and Alabama

Post by marklusby »

Dear Jillian,
The McAdorys from the Southern States of the US are mainly descended from an ancestor who left port of Antrim (Belfast?) Ireland in 1767. His name was Thomas McAdory 30, and he left with his with wife Ann McAdory 26 and 2 daughters, Elizabeth McAdory 6 and Martha McAdory 4. Thomas was granted 250 acres in Granville or Craven County and they moved into SC and Mississippi. These family lines are well researched and mostly available on line. I have posted some more information on the McAdorey pages of my own website

Best wishes
Mark Lusby

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