Denis McAdorey 1881-1972

Trying to locate all the McAdory-McAdorey worldwide but mainly Co. Antrim

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Denis McAdorey 1881-1972

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Date: Apr 14, 2007 11:44 PM
Subject:Denis McAdorey

Dear All
I found a railway anecdote today about Denis Lusby 1881-1972 and have added to the webpage below:

Best wishes
Mark Lusby
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McAdorey Records

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I have been in contact before as our families are living and working side by side although I don't think you have any connections to my own yet.

I see that your McAdorey worked on the railways in Ballymena about the time of some of my Palmers who were also engine drivers [one in Ballymena] as were some of the Maddens with whom we have connection - railway records of the employees of the Great Northern Railways are in PRONI and I found them very useful.

Just to say in my own family search I keep finding your Mcadoreys including:

1901 Tannaghmore [Where my Maddens orginated from]

Head: William Higgins 60 and wife Margaret 50 with Grandsons William John McAdorey 7 and Denis McAdorey 1

Head Mary Redmond 59 Not Married Farmer, Charles 54 Unmarried and Daniel McDory 27 RC [Redmonds have a link to my Maddens]

John McAdorey 65 Carpenter and Ellen 62 and Mary 23 and Joseph [born Belfast]Donaghy Nephew 2 Could this family be:

.John MCADOREY m Ellen KENNEDY Randalstown RC Church 11 February 1865
Catherine MCADOREY Birth 05 Dec 1865 Connor, Antrim
Patrick MCADOREY 08 MAR 1872 Antrim
John MCADOREY 30 MAR 1868 Antrim,

Graveyard Randalstown RC [Time was limited so I dodn't study the dates too hard - it was difficult to read them - you probably know this all anyhow]

Mary McAdorey erected...for mother Ellen Stuart, Father Denis McAdorey 12/10/1920? and Ellen wife of Denis McAdorey 14/4/1915? and above Mary 27/5/1951? and Brother James 5/9/1958?

Please tell me if you find any Maddens or Palmers in any of your own records - my families were of mixed religion too.
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