my Great-grandfather Denis McAdorey's siblings

Trying to locate all the McAdory-McAdorey worldwide but mainly Co. Antrim

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my Great-grandfather Denis McAdorey's siblings

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I am trying to sort out my Great-grandfather Denis McAdorey's siblings
by mapping out all the McAdoreys in the County Antrim. I am particularly
interested in No2 below. The McADOREYS seem to be both Catholic and
Protestant and to have married both Catholic and Protestant spouses.Any
advice or comments at this stage would be welcome.
Mark Lusby

1. Denis MCADOREY. Born in 1842. Denis died on Oct 12 1929 in
Randalstown; he was 87.
On Feb 17 1871 when Denis was 29, he married Ellen STUART in Randalstown
Roman Catholic Church.
On Nov 21 1876 when Denis was 34, he married Mary Ellen REID in Antrim
Roman Catholic Church. Mary Ellen REID. Mary Ellen died on Apr 14 1915
in Randalstown, Co Antrim
(ii) Ellen MCADOREY
(iii) Henry MCADOREY(1877 - ?) b 05 SEP 1877 Antrim, Antrim
(iv) James MCADOREY (1879 - 1958) b 10 MAY 1879 Lisnevanagh, Antrim
(v) Denis MCADOREY (1880 - 1972)

2. John MCADOREY m Ellen KENNEDY Randalstown RC Church 11 February 1865
Catherine MCADOREY Birth 05 Dec 1865 Connor, Antrim
Patrick MCADOREY 08 MAR 1872 Antrim
John MCADOREY 30 MAR 1868 Antrim,

3. Matthew MCADOREY m Isabella MILLAR
Elizabeth McADOREY b 30 OCT 1864 Galgorm, Antrim
Rose MCADOREY b 24 DEC 1879 Connor, Antrim
Isabella MCADOREY b 23 JUN 1877 Connor, Antrim
David MCADORY b 21 JAN 1872 Antrim
Martha MCADORY b 20 DEC 1874 Antrim

4. Hugh MCADOREY m Margaret GRIBBEN 14 Aug 1865 Old Monkland, Lanark
Bridget MCADOREY birth 29 APR 1875 Antrim
John MCADOREY b 28 SEP 1866 Old Monkland, Lanark
James MCADOREY b 10 JAN 1869 Antrim

5. John MCADOREY m Matilda BOYD/BOYLE 27 May 1867 Ballymena Pres Church
Elizabeth Boyd MCADOREY, Birth 31 AUG 1875 Belfast
Margaret Alexander MCADOREY b 30 JAN 1872 Antrim

6. John MCADOREY m Mary McAdorey BURNS
Henry MCADOREY b 15 DEC 1876 Larne, Antrim
Patrick MCADOREY b 04 SEP 1865 Larne, Antrim
Joseph MCADOREY b 28 APR 1874 Antrim
James MCADOREY b 11 APR 1868 Antrim

7. James MCADOREY m Rebecca McAdorey BOYLE
Mary Ann MCADOREY b 14 APR 1877 Larne, Antrim
Margaret MCADOREY b 11 MAR 1881 Larne, Antrim
James MCADOREY b 31 DEC 1875 Larne, Antrim

8. William M' ADOREY m Maria DEMPSEY
Mary Ann M' ADOREY 20 MAY 1872 Belfast, Antrim

Mary MCADOREY b 26 JUL 1865 Belfast, Antrim
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