Ballycarry from The Book of Antrim 1888

History of Co. Antrim Towns
For anybody that is willing to share historical information on Co. Antrim Towns obtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, or local knowledge or any books like BASSETT's Directory - 1888. If need be I will start separate forums

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Ballycarry from The Book of Antrim 1888

Post by irishgen » 15 Dec 2008, 20:26


Bassett's "The Book of Antrim", 1888

BALLYCARRY had a population of 215 in 1881. It is situated on the side of a hill in the Barony of Lower Belfast, within a mile of the station of the same name, on the Carrickfergus and Larne Railway, and of the Causeway to Island Magee. The village has begun to grow at the railway station, where Mr. William Orr has erected a very good house for general business purposes. Mr. John Macaulay, J.P., Red Hall, has the handsomest private residence in the neighbourhood. The situation of Ballycarry, from the picturesque point of view, is all that can be desired, and there is much to interest the tourist. Wheat, beans, oats and potatoes are the principal crops, and the land of the district is good. Distance from Belfast by rail a little over sixteen and a half miles; from Larne over six and a half miles. For dates of fairs see index.

Auctioneer--Jas. Legge
Bank, Northern--W. B. Dickie, mgr.
Church of I.--Rev. J.H. Bennett
Dispensary Dr.--Chas. Dundee
Drapers: Mrs. M. Erskine, Wm. Hamilton, Miss E. Kirk, F. M'Connell
Grocers marked thus [*] sell spirits:- Rt. Adrain, Ed. Beggs, Jas. Campbell, Ed. English*, Wm. Hamilton, Sl. Herron, R. B. Kennedy, Rt. M'Kee*, Wm. Orr*, Ed. Sturdy
Post mstr.--Frs. M'Connell
Presbn. Ch.--Rev.
Saddlers: S1. Herron, Rt. M'Kee
Schls. Nl.-F. M'Connell, J. B. Bailie
Spirit retailer: Wm. Miller
Station mstr.--Wm. Agnew
Unitarian: Rev. Moore Getty

Aiken, Geo., Aldfreck
Alexander, Sl., Redhall
Arthurs, Wm., Carnbrock
Barry, David, Aldfreck
Barry, John, Lockstown
Brennan, Mrs. Bentra
Calwell, Edw , Bentra
Cambridge, Mrs., Forthill
Cathcart, Hugh, Blackhill
Dick, Jas., Ballycarry N.W.
Erskine, Rt., Forthill
Graham, Jas., North E. Div.
Hamilton, Robt., Ballycarry N.W.
Hanna, Hh., jun.. Ballycarry N.W.
Howard, Alex.. Carnbrock
Howard, Arthur, Carnbrock
Long, Robert, Bentra
Macaulay, John (J.P.), Redhall
M'Clenaghan, Natl., Carnbrock
M'Dade, Patrick, Lockstown
M'Giffin, James, Aldfreck
M'Kee, Mrs. S.A., Plantation Head
M'Kee, John, Blackhill
M'Kee, Joseph, Blackhill
M'Kee, Thomas, Aldfreck
M'Kee, Thos., Ballycarry, N.W.
M'Kee, William, Bentra
M'Kee, William J., Bentra
Millar, Andrew, Ballycarry, N.W.
Millar, William, Forthill
Nelson, James, Blackhill
Nelson, John, Lockstown
Niblock, Samuel W., Bentra
Orr, Mrs., Forthill
Ridges, Alex., Lockstown
Ridges, James, Ballycarry, N.W.
Semple, John, Redhall
Service, Alex., Bentra
Service, Robert, Bentra
Smiley, Mrs., Redhall
Steele, Samuel, Forthill
Stevenson, Rt., B'carry S.E.
Stewart, Mrs., Leefield
Thompson, Wm. J., Lockstown
Tweed, Matthew, Forthill
White, Edward, Ballycarry N.W.
Wisnom, James, Carnbrock
Wylie, Samuel, Blackhill

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