Armoy-Cassell's 1899

History of Co. Antrim Towns
For anybody that is willing to share historical information on Co. Antrim Towns obtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, or local knowledge or any books like BASSETT's Directory - 1888. If need be I will start separate forums

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Armoy-Cassell's 1899

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Cassell's 1899:

Armoy, parish and village on the Bush and Wellwater, Cary barony, North county Antrim, Ireland, 6› miles south of Ballycastle ; acreage 9,668. It is a fertile district, containing Knocklayd (1,695 feet), the hightest point in the county. The rocks are exceedingly varied, consisting of limestone, baasalt, gneiss, porphyry, trap, and mica-slate. Crystals, called Irish diamonds, are found on Knocklayd. The church is a plain structure, and there is a Presbyterian chapel. Near the village are the ruins of a round tower.

Population (parish) : 1,436.

Population (village) : 243.

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