Aughafatten from the Book of Antrim 1881

History of Co. Antrim Towns
For anybody that is willing to share historical information on Co. Antrim Towns obtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, or local knowledge or any books like BASSETT's Directory - 1888. If need be I will start separate forums

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Aughafatten from the Book of Antrim 1881

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Aughafatten 1881

Aughafatten is a rural post office in the parish of Skerry, barony of
Lower Antrim, 8 miles north-west of Ballymena, on the road to Glenarm,
from which it is 8 miles. The district is largely composed of mountain
bog. Most of the reclaimed land is used for grazing purposes.
Crops: potatoes, oats, and some flax.
Cleggan Lodge, a handsomely wooded place, is rented by Mr. James Fisher from Lord O'Neill.
Within a mile of the post-office is the cross road of Tamneybrack, where there are shops.

A. Knox,
J. Lilley
Rt. Lilley
Mrs. H. Redmond

Miller, corn,
Geo. Jamison

Post Mistress:
Mrs. H. Redmond

Presbn. Church.:
Rev. J. M. Turk

R.C. Chapel:
Rev. Dd. Burk, P.P.

Sch. NI:
H. Killen

Scutch mills:
Chas. Crawford,
Hy. O'Hara

Farmers & Residents:
Crawford, Chas., Brekagh
Crawford, R jun., Loughconnelly
Fisher, James, Cleggan Lodge
Gibson, Alex. Tecloy
Hammil, Ptk, Longmore
Hamill, Samuel, Tamneybrack
Kidd, Mrs., Killyharn
Lilly, Robert, Tamnyebrack
Logan, Rt, Brekagh
M'Nabney, Jas., Tamneybrack
Millar, Jno, Aughacully
O'Donnell, Hugh jun., Slane
O'Neill, J.R., Slaine
O'Neill, H., Tamneybrack
Rea, John, Tecloy
Smith, Jas., Aghacully
Smyth, Jos., Tamnyebrack
Taggart, Jno, Longmore
White, Dd., Tecloy
[from the Book of Antrim 1881]

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