PROVINCE OF ULSTER from Pigot's Directory, 1824

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PROVINCE OF ULSTER from Pigot's Directory, 1824

Post by irishgen » 15 Jul 2004, 21:23

(extracted from Pigot's Directory 1824)


ULSTER, the northern province of Ireland, is bounded on the north
and west by the Atlantic ocean, on the east by the Irish Channel,
and the Irish Sea, and on the south east and south west by the
provinces of Leinster and Connaught. Its greatest from Malin Bay
in the west, to Quintin Point in the east, is upwards of 100 Irish miles, and from Malin Head in the north, to the most southern point
of the County of Cavan is between eighty and ninety; the
circumference, including the windings and turnings, is about 460
miles; and the area, or superficial contents, 3,180,699 acres.
Ulster abounds in lakes and rivers, which supply it with a great
variety of fine fish, besides what it has from the sea, by which
a great part of it is bounded. The southern parts are rich, fertile, well cultivated and inclosed; but the northern are open and
mountainous. The number of counties in this province is nine; the
number of houses and inhabitants in each county is as follows:
Houses. Inhabitants.
Antrim: no returns 261,601
Armagh: 37714 196,577
Carrickfergus Town: 1444 8,255
Cavan: 34744 194,330
Donegal: 46000 249,483
Down: 62425 329,348
Fermanagh: 22912 130,399
Londonderry: 33913 194,099
Monaghan: 33197 178,183
Tyrone: no returns 259,691
======== ========
Total 2,001,966

It also contains 54 baronies, and 313 parishes.

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