Names listed by Parish--extracted from 1796 Irish Flax Grow

All the Irish Flax Growers records that I can find are posted here.
If you have more please post.

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Names listed by Parish--extracted from 1796 Irish Flax Grow

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(extracted from 1796 Irish Flax Growers List.) ┬®

These list shows which names are found in which parish. If you miss a parish or find a mistake let me know by posting a reply.

Adams Ahoghill Ballymoney Ballywillin Derrykeighan Loughguile Racavan
Alexander Racavan Skerry
Allot Kilraghts
A'Meely Ballyrashane
Anderson Ballintoy Ballymoney Dunluce
Appleby Ballymoney
Armour Dunluce
Armstrong Skerry
Arthur Finvoy
Auld Ballyrashane Billy

Babington Kirkinriola
Balantine Ballintoy
Ballantine Loughguile
Barclay Racavan
Baverlin Ballymoney Dunluce
Beard Ballintoy Ballymoney
Bell Dunaghy
Berry Loughguile
Bicket Ballymoney
Biggart Ballymoney Finvoy
Black Armoy Ballintoy Billy Racavan
Blair Ballymoney
Blue Ballymoney
Bole Ballymoney Loughguile
Borland Ballymoney
Boyd Ballymoney Billy Derrykeighan Dunluce Layd Loughguile
Boyland Derrykeighan Dunluce
Boyle Ballymoney Ballyrashane Loughguile
Brannon Culfeightrin
Brown Ballyrashane Billy Dunluce Loughguile Racavan Skerry
Brownlow Ballymoney
Buckles Dunluce
Bulter Culfeightrin
Burns Dunluce
Burnside Ballyrashane
Buys Ballymoney

Cairney Finvoy
Calderwood Ballymoney
Caldwell Armoy Finvoy
Calkey Billy
Cameron Ballintoy Dunluce
Campbell Ballymoney Ballyrashane Ballywillin Billy Derrykeighan Dunluce Finvoy
Candil Loughguile
Cannon Billy
Captainsteubing Ballyrashane
Cargil Billy
Carmanook Ballymoney
Carneagie Ballintoy
Carr Ballymoney Ballyrashane Loughguile
Carson Dunluce Finvoy
Chambers Dunluce
Chesnut Ballyrashane Derrykeighan Kilraghts
Christy Ballintoy Ballyrashane Dunaghy Kilraghts
Clark Billy
Clarke Armoy Ballyrashane Ballywillin Culfeightrin Loughguile
Close Armoy
Clyd Ballymoney
Cochran Billy
Coghran Ballintoy
Collins Ballintoy
Connolly Derrykeighan
Connor Ballyrashane
Conolly Loughguile
Cook Billy
Cooper Ballymoney
Coulter Finvoy
Cowen Billy
Coyles Ballintoy Billy Ramoan
Craig Loughguile Skerry
Cramsie Ballymoney
Crawford Loughguile Racavan
Creath Ballintoy
Creelman Loughguile
Croath Billy
Cuningham Ballintoy
Cunningham Finvoy
Curry Billy Culfeightrin Derrykeighan Dunaghy Dunluce

Daghan Kilraghts
Daly Armoy
Darragh Ballymoney Billy Loughguile
Dauthitt Ballymoney
Davison Skerry
Dean Billy Kilraghts
Dempsey Billy
Dempsy Loughguile
Dick Racavan
Dickey Loughguile Racavan
Dinsmoore Ballymoney Derrykeighan
Dinsmore Ballymoney
Dogherty Ballintoy Ballymoney
Donelly Ballintoy
Dorning Culfeightrin
Douglas Ballywillin Derrykeighan Dunaghy
Downing Skerry
Duffin Ahoghill
Dunkin Skerry
Dunlope Ballymoney Ballywillin Dunluce Finvoy

Edgar Dunluce
Edmondstone Loughguile
Edmonstone Loughguile
Elder Loughguile
Erskine Ballymoney
Eslar Racavan

Farrel Derrykeighan Kilraghts
Fenning Loughguile
Ferguson Derrykeighan
Finlay Ballymoney
Fitzpatrick Billy Derrykeighan
Fleming Racavan
Forbes Ballintoy Loughguile
Forde Loughguile
Foster Billy
Foy Ballymoney
Frazer Armoy Ballintoy
Fullerton Billy
Fulton Derrykeighan

Galt Finvoy
Gamble Ballymoney Derrykeighan
Gardiner Ballymoney Loughguile
Garvan Dunluce
George Derrykeighan
Getty Ballymoney Billy Dunaghy Dunluce Finvoy Kilraghts
Gibson Ballymoney Skerry
Gillen Ballintoy Loughguile
Gillespie Ballintoy Ballymoney Billy
Gillin Derrykeighan Ramoan
Gilmor Derrykeighan Racavan
Given Ballymoney Dunluce
Glass Ballintoy Billy
Glenn Skerry
Gormly Ballintoy
Gray Ballymoney Derrykeighan Dunluce Finvoy
Gregg Ballymoney Dunaghy Dunluce Loughguile
Grimes Loughguile

Hall Finvoy
Hamill Ballyrashane Billy Dunaghy
Hamilton Ballymoney Derrykeighan Loughguile
Hannah Derrykeighan
Harbison Ahoghill
Harragan Loughguile
Hart Ballymoney
Hartan Loughguile
Hastings Dunaghy
Hatty Billy
Hemphill Ballyrashane
Henderson Ballymoney
Heney Ballintoy
Henry Ballymoney
Higgins Ramoan
Hill Ballintoy Culfeightrin Ramoan
Hodges Derrykeighan
Holden Skerry
Hopkins Ballymoney Ramoan
Hucy Billy Derrykeighan Loughguile
Humes Billy
Hunter Billy Culfeightrin Loughguile
Huston Loughguile
Hutchinson Ballymoney

Irwin Loughguile

Jameson Loughguile
Jammison Ballymoney Ramoan
Jemmison Ballymoney Billy Skerry
Jennings Ballymoney
Johnston Ballymoney Dunluce Skerry

Kane Ballymoney Finvoy
Keaton Culfeightrin
Kelaghan Billy
Kelly Ballintoy Ballymoney
Kelsey Billy
Kennedy Derrykeighan
Kerr Dunluce Loughguile
Kidd Ballywillin
Kilpatrick Ballintoy Derrykeighan
Kinney Loughguile
Kitchen Billy
Knox Ballymoney Dunluce Racavan

Laverty Ballintoy Billy Derrykeighan Dunluce Finvoy Loughguile
Law Finvoy
Leech Kilraghts
Lenagen Ballintoy
Leslie Dunluce
Lesson Ballintoy
Lighton Billy
Linsday Derrykeighan
Linton Dunaghy
Logan Skerry
Longmoore Billy
Loughlin Derrykeighan
Love Ahoghill Ballintoy Loughguile
Lowry Ballymoney
Luke Derrykeighan
Lusk Loughguile
Lyle Billy Derrykeighan
Lynd Culfeightrin Ramoan Skerry
Lyons Derrykeighan

Magee Ballintoy Skerry Skerry
Magill Loughguile Skerry
Magown Ballintoy Ballyrashane
Magurrie Dunluce
Mahaffey Finvoy
M'Alister Billy
M'Allister Ballintoy Derrykeighan Loughguile
Marshal Billy
M'Arthur Ballintoy Billy Culfeightrin
Martin Ballymoney Billy Dunluce Finvoy Loughguile Skerry
M'Ashenog Culfeightrin
Mathies Ballintoy Billy Dunaghy
M'Aulay Culfeightrin Skerry
M'Auley Ballintoy Ballyrashane Finvoy Layd
M'Auly Layd
Maxwell Ballintoy Ballymoney Derrykeighan
M'Ayeal Ballymoney
Maze Skerry
M'Bride Billy Dunluce Loughguile Skerry
M'Burney Skerry
M'Caa Ballintoy Ballymoney Billy
M'Callen Ballintoy
M'Callon Kilraghts
M'Cambridge Armoy Derrykeighan Dunaghy Layd Loughguile
M'Carrol Ballyrashane Finvoy
M'Cartney Ballintoy
M'Caughen Derrykeighan
M'Cay Ballintoy Ballymoney Billy Derrykeighan Dunaghy Finvoy
M'Cleland Finvoy Kilraghts Loughguile
M'Clenan Layd
M'Clernon Ballintoy
M'Clintock Loughguile Skerry
M'Cloy Derrykeighan
M'Clure Kilraghts Loughguile
M'Colgan Ballyrashane
M'Collum Armoy Billy Derrykeighan Finvoy Loughguile
M'Comb Derrykeighan
M'Conochy Armoy Ballintoy Billy Derrykeighan Ramoan
M'Cook Culfeightrin
M'Cool Rasharkin
M'Cormick Armoy Ballintoy Billy Culfeightrin Derrykeighan Loughguile Ramoan
M'Cosh Skerry
M'Cotter Finvoy
M'Crackin Loughguile
M'Crelus Ballymoney
M'Cullogh Racavan
M'Cullough Dunaghy
M'Cully Skerry
M'Curdy Armoy Ballintoy Billy
M'Dermond Ballymoney
M'Donnell Ballyrashane Culfeightrin Dunluce Layd Ramoan
M'Dowel Armoy Ballymoney
M'Duffee Ballymoney
M'Duffy Ballintoy Ballyrashane Dunluce Loughguile
M'Dugald Ballymoney
Mears Dunluce
Mecan Culfeightrin
Mecarter Billy
Mecaughan Armoy Billy
Mecaughen Ballintoy Culfeightrin
Medill Racavan
Meeracken Racavan
Meglaughlin Ballymoney
Melling Ballywillin
M'Fadden Ballymoney
M'Faddin Derrykeighan
M'Fall Billy
M'Freeman Ballyrashane
M'Googin Ballintoy Loughguile
M'Guckin Dunaghy
M'Ilbon Loughguile
M'Ilchreest Loughguile
M'Ilderery Ballymoney
M'Ilfatrick Derrykeighan Dunluce
M'Ilhatton Loughguile Ramoan
M'Ilheron Ballintoy Layd
M'Ilhose Derrykeighan
Miller Ballintoy Ballyrashane Culfeightrin Derrykeighan Finvoy Racavan
M'Ilmoyle Ballintoy Ramoan
M'Ilpatrick Ballintoy
M'Ilroy Ballintoy Billy Dunluce
M'Inergney Ballintoy Billy
M'Ininch Ballintoy
M'Inteer Ballintoy
Mitchael Dunluce
Mitchell Racavan
M'Kay Ballymoney Derrykeighan Ramoan
M'Keage Billy Culfeightrin
M'Keeman Ballyrashane
M'Keever Ramoan
M'Kein Ballyrashane Ballywillin Billy
M'Kendry Ballintoy Billy Culfeightrin Dunaghy Dunluce Loughguile
M'Kenon Ballintoy Derrykeighan
M'Kenzie Ballintoy Billy
M'Kinlay Derrykeighan Dunluce Ramoan
M'Kinley Loughguile
M'Kinney Derrykeighan
M'Kinty Loughguile
M'Kown Racavan Derrykeighan
M'Lane Derrykeighan Loughguile Dunluce Ballintoy
M'Laughlin Ballintoy Rasharkin Dunluce Ballymoney
M'Leeie Finvoy
M'Leese Loughguile Derrykeighan
M'Loughlin Ramoan
M'Lyster Derrykeighan
M'Master Ballymoney
M'Michael Billy
M'Mullan Armoy Loughguile Ballintoy Billy Derrykeighan Ballymoney
M'Mullen Ballintoy
M'Mullin Dunluce Loughguile
M'Mullon Culfeightrin
M'Nab Dunluce
M'Namee Ballyrashane
M'Naul Billy Dunluce
M'Neal Ramoan
M'Neil Derrykeighan Armoy Billy Ballyrashane Ballymoney Ramoan Dunluce Loughguile
M'Neill Derrykeighan Culfeightrin Racavan
M'Olinn Loughguile
Montgomery Ballymoney Racavan Ballywillin Derrykeighan
Mooney Rasharkin
Moore Ballyrashane Derrykeighan Billy Ballymoney Dunluce Skerry
Morgan Ballintoy
Morrison Billy Ballintoy
Mothies Ballymoney
M'Questan Loughguile
M'Quig Dunluce
M'Quigg Dunluce
M'Quilkin Ballintoy
M'Quillan Racavan
Mulvenny Skerry
Murdogh Skerry
Murphy Derrykeighan Layd Loughguile Ballintoy Ramoan Billy Armoy
Murray Layd Ballintoy
Murtland Armoy
M'Vey Derrykeighan Billy
M'Vicar Loughguile Armoy

Neil Ballymoney Billy
Neill Derrykeighan
Neilson Finvoy
Nevin Ballyrashane Dunluce Ballyrashane
Nows Loughguile

O'Cain Ramoan Ballywillin Ballintoy
O'Hamill Kilraghts
O'Hara Culfeightrin
O'Mullan Loughguile Ramoan
O'Murray Layd
O'Neil Layd Ramoan
O'Neill Racavan
Orr Loughguile Ballymoney Dunaghy
O'Sheils Culfeightrin

Parkhill Billy
Patterson Derrykeighan Skerry Ballintoy
Pattison Ballymoney
Patton Dunaghy Ballywillin Ballymoney
Paul Skerry
Peacock Ahoghill Ballymoney
Pearson Dunaghy
Picken Ballymoney
Pinkerton Ballymoney
Poak Loughguile
Pollock Billy
Potts Ballintoy
Price Ballintoy
Purcell Ballintoy

Quigg Ballintoy Ballymoney Billy

Ralston Ballymoney
Ramsey Ballymoney
Rankin Ballyrashane Ballywillin Dunluce Dunluce Derrykeighan
Redmond Ramoan Armoy
Reed Ballymoney Ballyrashane Skerry
Reynolds Derrykeighan Billy
Richard Kilraghts Ballymoney
Rickard Ballymoney
Rickey Skerry
Robinson Ballymoney Ramoan Derrykeighan Loughguile Dunluce
Rogers Ballintoy Dunaghy Skerry
Rosborough Loughguile
Ross Ballyrashane Derrykeighan

Saunders Skerry
Scobbin Dunluce
Scot Derrykeighan
Scott Billy Finvoy
Service Skerry Dunluce
Sharp Culfeightrin Ramoan Billy Layd
Shaw Dunluce
Shearer Skerry
Sheils Ballymoney
Simpson Ballymoney Derrykeighan Ballintoy Billy
Small Ballymoney
Smiley Kilraghts
Smilie Kilraghts
Smith Loughguile
Smyth Loughguile Ballymoney Ballyrashane Billy Derrykeighan Finvoy
Speer Loughguile
Sprowl Ramoan
St. Moore Derrykeighan
Steel Ballintoy Dunluce Skerry
Steen Kilraghts
Steubing Capt. Ballyrashane
Stevenson Ballyrashane
Stewart Ballymoney Ramoan Ballintoy Derrykeighan Armoy Loughguile Billy Kilraghts Layd
Stinson Racavan Ballyrashane
Stuart Derrykeighan

Taggart Billy Dunluce Ballymoney Ballintoy
Taylor Ballymoney Ballintoy Ballyrashane Billy
Templeton Ballymoney
Thompson Ballymoney Billy Ballyrashane Culfeightrin Derrykeighan
Todd Billy Ramoan Loughguile Dunluce Ballintoy Ballywillin
Torrance Ballymoney
Tosh Derrykeighan
Toy Ballymoney
Trimble Ballymoney
Twaddel Billy
Twaddle Ballintoy

Wales Billy
Walker Ballymoney Billy
Wallace Billy Ballymoney Racavan Derrykeighan Dunaghy
Warnock Ballymoney
Wasson Loughguile
Watt Ballyrashane Derrykeighan Ballymoney
Wells Ballintoy
White Racavan Ballymoney
Wiley Ballymoney
Williamson Ballymoney
Wilson Ramoan Dunluce Skerry Loughguile Ballyrashane
Woodburn Billy
Woodside Derrykeighan
Wrath Dunluce
Wright Ballymoney

Young Ballyrashane Dunaghy Derrykeighan

(extracted from 1796 Irish Flax Growers List.) ┬®

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