All the Irish Flax Growers records that I can find are posted here.
If you have more please post.

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Kilraghts- 1796 Irish Flax Growers List.


Allot Adam Kilraghts
Allot Margaret Kilraghts
Allot William Kilraghts
Chesnut John Kilraghts
Christy William Kilraghts
Daghan Daniel Kilraghts
Dean Daniel Kilraghts
Farrel Patrick Kilraghts
Getty David Kilraghts
Getty John Kilraghts
Leech James Kilraghts
M'Callon John Kilraghts
M'Cleland Robert Kilraghts
M'Clure James Kilraghts
O'Hamill Patrick Kilraghts
Richard Hugh Kilraghts
Smiley Hugh Kilraghts
Smilie James Kilraghts
Steen Robert Kilraghts
Stewart John Kilraghts

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