Ballymoney (description town, ca 1824)

The Antrim Towns from this interesting work plus Clergy,Gentry,Merchants, Tradesmen etc.

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Ballymoney (description town, ca 1824)

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(extracted from Pigot Directory 1824)
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Is a market, post, and fair town in the county of Antrim, 7 miles south
east of Coleraine, 15 north west of Ballymena, and 40 north west of
Belfast. It is the property of Lord Mark Kerr. In the rebellion of 1798,
this town was nearly consumed by fire; it has been since rebuilt, and
very considerably improved. Here are a small church adorned with a
tower, a Roman Catholic chapel, and two Dissenting preaching houses. In
the centre of the town is a good market house, over which are held the
quarter sessions, and a monthly manor court. The school- house, founded
by the trustees of Erasmus Smyth, educates 110 boys and girls.
Contiguous to town in a western direction, is Leslie-hill, the residence
of James Leslie, esq. The mansion is a spacious modern building, and the
domain well wooded. In this town is a Mendicity Society, to prevent the
necessity of begging; it is supported by subscription; the aged and sick
are provided for, and employment procured for those who are able to
work. Here the road leading to the Giant's Causeway branches off; if
this circumstance was more generally known by visitors to that natural
curiosity, a distance of seven miles might be saved, it being customary
for strangers to proceed to Coleraine. A good linen market is held on
the first and third Thursday in the month; also a monthly market for
domestic purposes on the first Monday in every month. Fairs are held on,
5th of May, the 10th of July, and the 6th of October. The population is
near 2000....

POST OFFICE, Main-street.
Post Master, Mr. Richard Hamilton. The Dublin and Belfast mails are
despatched at one in the night, and arrive at fifty minute past seven
every evening, Fridays excepted. All English letters go by way of
Dublin. Office hours from seven in the morning till eleven at night.

(extracted from Pigot Directory 1824)
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