My Islandmagee family is as follows:

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered byWhitehead-Ballycarry-Islandmagee area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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My Islandmagee family is as follows:

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From: "Pat Banks" <>
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My Islandmagee family is as follows:

John MAGILL son of Arthur MAGILL, married Agnes (Nancy) MAWHINNEY in First
Presbyterian Church, Islandmagee on 7th January 1887. John was lost with
the foundering of the vessel "Colorado" enroute to Demarara in December
Issue (according to the church register of First Presbyterian Church,
1) Mary Elizabeth born 28 August 1865 Islandmagee married William DICK 6
February 1889
2) John born 27 February 1868 Islandmagee, drowned Galway Bay 14th April
1888 (fell from the mast in a storm)
3) William (my grandfather) born 18 September 1869 Islandmagee, married
Sarah Ann BROOM in Teignmouth, Devon on 8 April 1894
4) Sarah born 20 October 1871 Islandmagee, died 14 March 1875 buried Church
of Ireland cemetery, Islandmagee
5) Arthur born 9 January 1873 Islandmagee married Martha McILWAINE
6) Robert born 19 October 1875 Islandmagee, married Sarah Elizabeth
McDOWELL. Died 1904.

The MAGILL family lived at one time in Millbay, Islandmagee and the children
attended the Kilcoan National School which is in the grounds of the First
Presbyterian Church. This information came from the school records which
are on film in the Latter Day Saints Library.

Agnes MAWHINNEY was the daughter of John MAWHINNEY and Mary WHITE.
She was born 25th April 1835 in Cairnspindle, Islandmagee.
John MAWHINNEY was born about 1807 and died 10th October 1846. His wife,
Ann WHITE was born about 1807 and died 15th October 1878. They are buried
in Ballypriormore Cemetery, Islandmagee. Do not know where they were born.
1) Agnes (previously mentioned)
2) Eliza Jane born 25 November 1838 Cairnspindle, died in her teens.
3) John born 23 January 1842 Cairnspindle married Annie ROSS 29 December
1870, died 7 October 1900
4) William born 12 September 1844 Cairnspindle married Maggie YEATES 28
November 1867, died 1 January 1914.
Most members of this family are buried in Ballypriormore.

As you can see, I have no information prior to the above and no burials of
earlier generations in the Islandmagee cemeteries.


Pat Banks
Perth, Western Australia

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Update for Pat Banks <>

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Pat Banks <>

I have just been checking the site again concerning my message about the
family of Magill on Islandmagee and find that the entry has my old email
address. My current address is:


Still living in hope of getting back past the first records of the family -
presumably elsewhere in Antrim. On John and Agnes' Marriage Certificate,
John's father is shown as Arthur Magill of which there are several,
particularly in the Larne area. One of John and Agnes' sons, Arthur Magill,
like his father and brothers, went to sea both ocean-going and coastal. I
have a newspaper cutting reporting his retirement as a Captain in the Ulster
Imperial Line in December 1933. He married Martha McIlwaine who was,
presumably the daughter of another sea-captain. They were married in
Liverpool as far as I know. I have a copy of their wedding photograph where
the surviving Magill brothers, William and Robert and their only surviving
sister, Mary Elizabeth, are present with their respective spouses.

Perhaps this will stir memories!!!!


Pat Banks
Perth Western Australia

MAGILL Co.Antrim

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