The Griffiths Surname INDEX

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The Griffiths Surname INDEX

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Each index contains the surnames corresponding with a letter of the alphabet. After the surname you will see in which Parishes that surname appeared. If you discover any mistakes or omissions or things that need changing, please reply to that index message.

Carrickfergus has been accidently ommited from the Surname INDEX. I am working on adding it but will take some time. I have added the Carrickfergus Surnames as an apart file for the time being{02-09-04}

You can check the surname INDEX to see if your surname or a similar sounding names exisit. The surnames INDEX will let you know in which parish or parishes that surname can be found.

You can now check the Griffiths Valuation sorted by Parishes INDEX to see which townland or place your surname was recorded.

Or when you know that the surname occurred in any of the Co. Antrim parishes, then you can look at the Griffiths Valuation LDS film # 0919001 and there you will find following:
The townland address and householders name;
the name of the person from whom the property is leased;
a description of the property;
the acreage and the valuation.

Griffiths Primary Valuation

This was a survey of property occupiers in Ireland made between 1848 and 1864 and it's importance lies in the fact that it lists almost every head of household for each county. This valuation records every landowner and householder in Ireland in a period shortly after the famine.

An Act was passed in 1826 that allowed for a uniform valuation of property in all Ireland in order to levy the county cess charges and grand Jury Rates. Thus began an assessment of the whole country, county by county by Sir Richard Griffith. Amendments were passed to the 1826 Act, the first in 1831 excluded those houses under the annual valuation of £3, another in 1836 excluded houses under £5.

These Indexes have been made by Liam G. McFaul of Irishgenealogy on the Net. They are Copywrite but are free to copy, use, print, etc. so longer as it is for a non-commercial usage.
The same limitations apply to everything posted on The Irishgenealogy on the Net FORUM. I of course do not claim copyright if it belongs to anyone else. My reason for claiming copyright is to ensure that it remains free for all interested in Irish Genealogy and not for any profit.


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