Queen's University Belfast - Student Tourism Project 02.07

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Queen's University Belfast - Student Tourism Project 02.07

Post by admi »

From: david farrell <davidmfarrell@hotmail.com>
Date: Feb 15, 2007 10:36 PM
Subject: Queen's University Belfast - Student Tourism Project 02.07 -

Dear Sir/Madam,

Queen's University Belfast - Student Tourism Project 02.07

I am currently studying a 'tourism' module at QUB, which asks for a
detailed business idea and plan that will attract potential tourism
into NI from specific target groups.

I have decided to aim this business plan at residents of the USA who
have family roots in Ulster, to attract them back to visit NI. The
main purpose of these visits would be for the visitor to be able to
learn something of their family history, visit their townlands and
maybe meet living relatives whilst also enjoying what NI/Ireland has
to offer otherwise (with their free time either guided or unguided).

This business model could later expand into all Ireland and then later
aim to attract residents of Canada and then the remainder of the

To identify and attract this specific audience, in the first instance,
I would need to compile a list of the most common NI ex-patriot names,
of those who emigrated to USA. I can do some of this by cross
referencing the NI passenger lists with the Robert Bell 'Book of
Ulster Surnames' and the MacLysaght's book 'Surnames of Ireland'.

Before I go through this otherwise tedious process, I thought that I
would ask you if you had any contacts who may know if this type of
record/list may exist elsewhere/already, the information does not need
to be definitive or precise as it is only part of the overall business
plan and could be refined in year one.

I have some reference for place names in USA named after Ulster
townlands, which I could use to target advertising into concentrations
of specific family names but I have not found a distribution of
N/Irish names in USA reference yet (a map?).

If you have any advice on direction or short circuiting this
potentially long winded process, I would be grateful for your help and

I thank you again for any assistance or direction that you can provide.

The tutor for this project at QUB is Frank McKee F.mckee1@ntlworld.com

Yours Sincerely,

David farrell


Queen's University Belfast - Student Tourism Project 02.07

Post by Christopher »

Hi irishgen,

I'm sorry I didn't spot David Farrell's message earlier in the year. I feel that the series of books written by Billy Kennedy, a well established journalist in Northern Ireland, would be the best ones to help identify a great many of the most common surnames of people from the north of Ireland who emigrated to the USA. I feel Billy's books are well researched and as good a source of reference as Robert Bell's 'Book of Ulster Surnames' and Edward MacLysaght's book 'Surnames of Ireland'. http://www.ulsterscotssociety.com/event ... 10_05.html


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